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  1. After the edp update everything works oke like in mavericks, only sleep doesn't seem to work anymore. My system d630 nvidia t9300. kg
  2. I have a good working dell d630 nvidia, mavericks 10.9.5(installed with my hack and edp after) and i was wondering if i can update to 10.10 without a new install.
  3. yes there are several sites who names this, full speed gpu after using a program that uses openCl example >>> http://www.reddit.com/r/hackintosh/comments/1vagae/mavericks_has_the_nvidia_gpu_clock_bug_been_fixed/ >>> http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/292663-graphics-no-gpu-power-management/page-8
  4. It's a bug in mavericks , it has something to do with open cl , it seems that mountain lion has not this bug.
  5. Thanx all, i have done all recommendations and now it seems to work as it should, (pretty the same as in windows with light higher temps= no issue ) I must have missed something during the time because in mine opinion i have done nothing else different before the first time. Kind regards to all.............
  6. Yes is macbook pro 5.1 I have tried several others with chameleon wizard. No good result or the cpu wasn't seen right (clock speed example) or my gpu speed was only @ 168 mhz. (I think i have to learn to live with this as posted as m3mb3...)
  7. Oke, make sense but why does it work under windows a lot better, the temperatures are quite similar on cpu and gpu . In windows the fan doesn't work that much, and in osx it working nonstop. I'am not complaining with this cheap osx86 butt i want to solve this
  8. Maybe it's it is a misunderstanding but temps are at idle speed, at full speeds my temps are higher of course cpu 55 and gpu about 65 degrees, Still if the computer is idle my temps are 38 cpu and about 50 gpu, hopefully i sett this straight.(my written english is not so good, i know, sorry) kind regards leon
  9. It has to do with the Gpu speed , when this speed is low (168 mhz) it works fine. Fan goes on by 61 degrees and went of by 50 degrees. (Gpu temp and nothing to do) When the Gpu goes after a while or sleep to 400 mhz then the fan stays on and the temp goes not under the 52 degrees. When i start the osx again by a warm machine the story is the same. Though i can't explain the Gpu speed to max with nothing to do. The start is nice cpu and gpu goes nice in speed that is asked for the program once the Gpu speeds goes up it go not in a lower speed until restart.
  10. I have read and done the things of the site from, Performance tuning with FakeSMC smbios Mac Pro 5.1 and the cpu is the t9300 (this was an t7100 which i replaced with an t9300) This all work on a dell latitude d630 with nvidia 135 card. Works smooth and well but the fan is only problem i don't get fixed. I have the nivida mounted with copper shims and arctic silver.
  11. nobody come on guys, suggestions are more then welcome.
  12. During normal use the fan stays on while temperatures are cpu 38 and cpu 51 In my opinion the fan could go idle at these temperatures and can go on for example at cpu 50 and gpu about 63 c No idea how to fix this
  13. Latitude D630, BIOS A18, C2D T9300 2.5GHz, 4Go DDR2-800, nVidia Quadro NVS 135M, 1440x900, ML 10.8.5/Mav 10.9.2 1440x900 how do you do this, i have a fully working 10.9.2 and i have only 2 resolutions and the max is is 1280x800 which is fine and fast but i don't understand ?? 1440x900. kg leon
  14. ubuntu2014

    gpu speed

    anyone has a solution? kind regards
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