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Sleep stop working yosemite


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Check that you do not have NullCPUPM or SleepEnabler or anything like that in /E/E. In fact, do list the kexts you have in there. There's a good chance EDP replaces tuned up kexts such as FakeSMC by default ones unless you choose the manual optimised choices...


Then check your hibernate mode with Terminal command sudo pmset -g. It should be 0. If set to 3 (default value), use the following commands to reset sleep mode to working values:

sudo pmset hibernatemode 0

sudo rm -f /var/vm/sleepimage


I'm note sure EDP is actually compatible with Yosemite: EDP always relied on myFix and myHack does not support Yosemite... But I could be wrong of course, I've stopped using EDP yonks ago. I found direct packs to be a quicker method as I went along through the years.

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