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  1. Since I am using installing everything on a laptop, I do not have that much flexibility.
  2. You mentioned MBR patch (not the MBR patch from myHack). Is this applicable on if I aim to do something complex. Can I use everything from myHack if i attempt to do what I lay out below? Since I am a total newbie to hackintosh, I guess I must not be too ambitious. I will have to sacrifice my existing setup and apps. I will try to install Mavericks 9.0 on partition 1, Windows 7 on partition 2, Debian Linux on partition 3 and an NTFS partition for data. I will install the OSes in the following order - OSX, Win7 and Linux. I noticed that when I made the USB installer, I was not asked to add any Extras. I want to add the EDP for Latitude E5520 but so far I can't do. Am I on track? Can I wipe out my existing HDD now?
  3. I failed to mentioned that my laptop already had Windows 7 and Debian Linux installed. Could the lack of partition to choose is due to no HFS+ partition available? Can I just launch disk utility and create a new partition from my spare space?
  4. I am trying to install Mavericks 10.9.0 onto my Dell Latitiude 5520 using myHack. I got to the point of the installer where it is asking me which partition to install to. I can only see the USB drive. I read somewhere that this is likely the AHCI not being turned on, but I went through by BIOS twice and am sure it has AHCI enabled. What can I do?
  5. What do you mean by clone iMac to a disk? Do you mean an external HDD? Which is more stable/reliable to create a hackintosh on the Dell Latitude E5520? Lion or Mavericks?
  6. Hi. I have inherited an iMac with Lion 10.7.5 installed. I plan to install the OSX onto my Dell Latitude E5520. I want to create the USB installer with MyHack but it needs the Lion.app or InstallESD.dmg. I do not have both as the Mac came pre-installed. I have downloaded Maverick but have yet to upgrade the Mac to this. Where can I download the installer for Lion? Or should I upgrade to Maverick and then try to install on my Dell using Maverick? I am a complete newbie to Hackintosh, so all advice are appreciated.
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