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Wireless networking on E5520


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Hi all, 


I got Mountain Lion working almost perfect in a Latitude E5520, almost because have no wireless working.


Anyone have it working?


My specs:

Dell Latitude E5520

Core i7-2620M @2.7GHz

4 GB Ram DDR3

320 HD

Bios rev. A01

Video Controller: Intel HD Graphics (working fine @ 1366x768x32 - automatically)

Audio Controller: IDT 92HD90 (working fine)

Wi-Fi Device: Intel Wireless (not working)

Bluetooth... if enabled in Bios, system hangs up.


If anybody got wi-fi working with this model (or any Latitude) please share the info!

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Ouch... really?


So, if I understand well I'll need to buy a wireless chip to have it installed on my E5520.


thanks for the reply.


Yes, the good news is that it's easy to do (just remove two wires, two screws, slide card out and replace card, wires and screws) and is relatively inexpensive ~ $10 US (or less) on ebay. The color of the triangles below the wire attachments reminds you which color wire get attached there.

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