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  1. just loaded with that specific command and it is the same.. lag is still there no,acceleration of the card no opengl no smoothness nothing.. is still the same :/
  2. i have put it in /Extra folder on the disk and rebooted with GraphicsEnabler=No the performance stays the same as on the video i have uploaded.. :/
  3. Hello guys, Im so sorry i didn't attach the DSDT file before.. here it is ... I'm so glad you all seem helpful people! I have formated the pc 10 times since i had broke the system files 100 times now and any boot flag didnt help me get into the system back again :/ thanks a lot! DSDT.aml.zip
  4. Here it is guys i have attached the file you need. Btw i also tried with NVIDIA ROM from chameleon boot loader but i can't get it to work! :S Mac Pro.zip
  5. hello and thanks for your reply!! i get UID= "0" i downloaded dsdt editor and extracted my dsdt as a file dsdt.aml is that the one you need?? thanks
  6. Hello guys, I'm completly new to the community here as I am with the whole hackintosh community and so excited that I have finally got mavericks running! my dream was always to be able to run xcode so i can write programs for iphone ipad etc.. but the reason im hackintoshing is that i cant afford one yet. Thank you guys for making my wish come true and for creating this beautiful community and thanks to the developer of myhack! I know this might be against the rules but please see the conversation i had in the another topic.. I've also uploaded some videos on youtube regarding the problem im experiencing. please check the conversation i had with the guy on the other forum.. I'm sorry if im doing against the rules.. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/295793-nvidia-geforce-8600-gts-512mb-mavericks/?hl=%2Bwashor&do=findComment&comment=1990970 Basically the problem is that i cant make the card's acceleration to turn on and be able to run the OS smoothly. I've stated all my questions and problems.If anybody has the time and is willing to help i would appriciate it very much!
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