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  1. Hello ! I was having issues with my edimax ew-7811un USB Wlan Dongle for quite some time now, but i noticed that it was fine sometimes, but today i finally found the reason why it is not working sometimes. Whenever i plug in a Monitor (DisplayPort) i get much lower Internet speeds and Connection Issues ! Does anyone have a clue why that could be ? If i use this stick with another OS i don't have these Problems ! Does anyone know why this could be ? UPDATE: Ok, I also get these issues when not connected to a monitor, maybe there is something wrong with my USB Drivers ?
  2. If i use the vanilla Framebuffer, will this break my DisplayPort ?
  3. Do you have the vanilla Framebuffer ? I don't have it anymore ! with best regards EDIT: Works with patched framebuffer, so thanks very much !
  4. Hello everyone ! I have updated from 10.10.1 to 10.10.4 today, and it went quite smoothly. After fixing the kernel, the System booted, and as expected the Graphics were not working yet. So i installed the patched Azul Framebuffer kext with Kext Utility and restarted, but i still didn't have good Graphics. It worked fine before the update, and the only thing that changed is the framebuffer kext which i reinstalled (i took it from this forum from the dell latitude tutorial). Has anyone an idea why it is not working ? I use clover, the config file is attached ! The HD4400 is injected in DSDT ! with best regards config.plist.zip
  5. Solved it, the problem was that display output was set to Displayport first ! I set it back to Internal LCD and it worked !
  6. Wrecked Laptop: Lenovo ThinkPad T440s i5-4200U @ 1.6GHZ HD4400 SSHD 500GB 12GB Ram New Laptop: Lenovo ThinkPad T440s i5-4210U @ 1.7GHZ HD4400 SSD 256GB 12GB RAM BIOS are the same Version ! I installed Yosemite on the Wrecked Laptop with the help of Dinesh Kumar who is one of the DSDT Patchers here, i think you know him. Everything worked fine, so i know which kexts i have to use, which Clover Config i need, and also i still have the correct DSDT and SSDTs which he patched for me. Then the Laptop got wrecked, but still worked fine with a monitor attached to it. Then i got the new Laptop which is basically the same. Since i use it the most, i put the SSD from the wrecked Laptop in it. SInce it didn't just boot from the SSD i had to install Yosemite from ground up. I used all the files i already used on the wrecked Laptop. After some tinkering i got it to work. SInce the Display on the wrecked Laptop is unusable i had to configure in the BIOS to output to DisplayPort instead of BuiltIn Display. I managed that by controlling both Laptops simultaniously side by side, so i can see on the new Laptop where i am navigating to. Then I created the unifail Stick, put all my Kexts and ACPI Tables on it. Also i swapped the original Framebuffer Kext with the patched one i also use in the new Laptop. It works fine in the new Laptop, and also worked fine in the old Laptop. Also i patched the Kernel on the installer Stick for Haswell Reboot. After some tinkering i got into the Installer and installed Yosemite. After Reboot i booted into the installer to copy the patched Kernel onto my Hard Drive. I then was able to boot with Clover. I attached my Config.plist so you can have a look. I can boot without save mode, but i don't have QeCi. DSDT is patched for my HD4400, so it should recognize, but it doesn't. I also tried to inject ig-platform-id with Clover but no success. Then i thought that something went wrong with the Kext during the install, so i reinstalled it with Kext Utility, but after reboot the Laptop restarts when it should show the log in screen. I hope i didn't forget anything and you can help me now http://www.file-upload.net/download-10099432/config.plist.html
  7. I had an ssd in the wrecked laptop. The new laptop shipped with an sshd. I swapped the two drives. I had to reinstall on the new laptop and obviously on the old too since the sshd was empty ! Do you mean by generating a new kernel cache that i should give Kext Utility a go ? If yes, i already did ! BIOS settings are correct, since Yosemite worked on the wrecked Laptop !
  8. They have, but Yosemite was already installed on my wrecked laptop and everything worked fine ! I only have to reinstall because i swapped the drives between the two laptops ! Wrecked Laptop: i5-4200U HD4400 New Laptop: i5-4210U HD4400
  9. Framebuffer i downloaded from your guide for E7440 ! I have the same kext for my new Laptop where it works just fine ! kernel was patched with RehabMan Tutorial for Haswell Early Reboot (Yosemite Edition)
  10. Hello everyone ! Since my old laptop has a cracked screen i can't use it as a normal laptop, but everything else works fine, so i thought i can use it as a desktop machine with attatched monitor. I have a HD4400 which requires a patched Version of AppleIntelFramebufferAzul.kext for working DisplayPort Output. Also i need a patched kernel for Haswell CPU. I created my Boot Drive on my current Laptop with unifail. I put my necesarry kexts in Extra Extensions. DSDT and SSDTs in Extra, and replaced the AppleIntelFramebufferAzul.kext and kernel files with the patched ones. I was able to install with -f -x -v After that i only had to recopy the kernel file to my hard drive. I plugged in a usb drive with clover configured correctly for this laptop (After this one broke, i bought the exact same one again, so i can use the files from that one). I can boot with only kext-dev-mode=1, but unfortunately i don't have QeCi. So i installed the patched AppleIntelFramebufferAzul.kext with Kext Utility, but when i start, the Laptop restarts after Bluetooth Missing Message. When i boot into installer and rename the .bak to .kext it boots again, but with no QeCi ! Why does it work on my current laptop but not on that one. Before it broke i already had Yosemite installed on it, but i swapped the drives, because the new one only had an sshd and this one an ssd. Any Suggestions ?
  11. Use Edimax EW-7811Un for WiFi ! It has very good Performance for its Size which is very small ! Drivers are available on their Homepage !
  12. Thanks so much, finally it works In case of an Update, where do i get the new Version ?
  13. It seems that the patched Framebuffer Kexts are only for 10.9.5 but i have 10.10 ! Is there a patched one for that ?
  14. Anything new ? Is there still no fix for this issue ?
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