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  1. I am sorry to tell you, but I stopped using the R530. I switched to a HP ProBook 6570b, which is very OSX "friendly", particularly when one us Clover. It runs Yosemite 10.10.3, updates are out of the box. Anyway good luck with the Samsung R530.
  2. Yes, I can turn off the laptop without any problem. I remember that when I installed Mavericks I followed the instructions to set AHCI to Manual. I did not do that during the install of Yosemite, maybe that is the reason that during install only the USB attached drives were shown and not the HDD and SSD!! Anyway Windows, Mavericks and Yosemite work fine with AHCI auto. I still have to find a solution for sleep, the funny thing is that sleep works in my Mavericks.
  3. I guess that's no problem, I cloned the usb HDD to a partition on the internal HDD and installed the latest boot loader. I think you can do the same to the SSD. I can now boot normally Windows 8.1, Mavericks or Yosemite. For the time being I disable sleep in the Preferences.
  4. After a couple of days of hard labour I managed to install Yosemite on my good old Samsung R530, I followed ####### to prepare the USB installer. So far I have WIFI and sound working. Could not install on HD or SSD, they didn't show up during install, so I had to install on an USB HD. After inserting SSDT and kext as used in Mavericks this problem was solved. I can only boot Yosemite using the USB installer.
  5. I hope there is there a possibility in the future for 10.10
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