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  1. Thanks, I ended up disabling USB 3.0 in the BIOS. The issue was rather with kexts though, and everything now runs smoothly.
  2. Thanks for your input Bronxteck. I couldn't find said patch, could you please point me in the right direction?
  3. Hi all, I use this setup (X79 Deluxe - 4930K - HD6870) as an audio rig. It all works fine, I'm only experiencing stability issues with everything USB (audio sound card, MIDI controllers). Logic Pro X keeps randomly losing sync with them. I installed GenericUSBXHCI (v1.2.11) from the rampagedev X79 dmg. Has anyone successfully used other USB kexts? I mostly use USB 2 ports. Clover folder, ioreg and tables here: https://ufile.io/3wejy Thanks!
  4. Yep sorry, updated orginal post
  5. Hi all, I have a hackintosh with 2 840 EVO SSD’s inside, and their read times gradually slow down A LOT. 'Freshly' written files on the SSDs do show normal read rates. With files a few months old, AJA shows read times as low as 65MB/s... Write tests are fine, I only notice a strong read degradation over time. This is specific to those Samsung SSDs, I also have 2 smaller M4s installed with no such issue. AHCI on, trim on, no filevault, no spotlight indexation, no sleep, lots of free space available on the SSDs. Connected to SATA 3 ports, latest firmware. Specs: X79 deluxe, 4930k, HD 6870 with OSX 10.9.4 Anyone with a similar problem? Thx
  6. ASUS BCM4352 on X79 Deluxe here, kext seems to be working fine, as BT shows up in preferences. But I can't pair anything (I tried with my iphone and magic mouse), wheel keeps spinning. Trashing plist + reboot won't help. I'm confused as I see others with the same mobo have it working ok... Any clue? Thx a lot
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