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  1. On V4 hardware using 3.8.5 the mouse pointer jumps after making a left click and it never clicks where it's supposed to do it. I wasn't having this issue on version 3.8 any way to fix this ?
  2. Ohh didn't know that was the accidental input. After a week of usage I notice also tha sometimes when I left click something there is a delay on pointer to start moving again, but it's not always it's kinda unpredictable, that is controlled somewhere ?
  3. Awesome Job dude !! V3.8 works awesome on Asus Q550LF with Elan V4, however i have one question and don't know if it's normal. It possible to change the delay that has when your a typing and then quickly want to move the mouse pointer ? I'm having like 3~5sec delay, If so where it's the function on plist ?
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