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  1. Just a quick update to round things off. (This will probably be my last post on this thread.) Successfully created a dual booting Mavericks / Windows 7 MBR drive. I tried the active partition fdisk440 new MBR / Flag change but system would not boot at all... So my solution was: 1. Acronis DiskDirector: Removed active flag on win 7 installation 2. Acronis true image: reinstate saved image of mavericks installation (Disk0p1 - sector by sector) So, now I had my win7 on disk0P2 with no MBR or active flags.... and the original OSX MBR was reinstated allowing for OS choice. System now boots with Chameleon OS choice Obviously if you know what you're doing there are better ways but this made sense and worked. By the way, in DD, you can't unmark a partition as active. Neither can you make OSX partition active as DD doesn't recognise OSX partition scheme, so best to make a quick temporary volume (might need to resize your win7 partition) - make it active and delete it. Paul. (signing off this thread!)
  2. OK - that all worked OK. Only difference was a message that ACPIApple something-or-other kext was incorrectly implemented. I ran the MyHack utility and removed troublesome kexts in the hope this sorts that issue. Otherwise, I'm up and running with Mavericks EPD T430 on MBR. Paul.
  3. OK - found a good solution: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/145-mavericks-mbr-patch/ This is a download that patches above files via terminal window. I've done this to an install key already MBR patched and it appears to have worked so far... at least it's installing now. Thanks for pushing me in the right direction again, Paul.
  4. Hi, I read that OSInstall.mpkg and OSInstall need to be altered to get MBR working (I saw a good youtube video: ...showing use of xcode). Just wondering if these files have already been modified by someone else to save re-inventing the wheel so to speak? Not found the perl script yet. I would have thought this might have been well-trodden ground but maybe not many need dual boot on 1 drive? Thanks for any replies... Paul.
  5. Crash! I'm afraid I get an almost instant crash report when attempting MBR patched install... (after choosing language) crash report uploaded to my website: http://www.pmdavey.co.uk/ Anyone had this before / offer any help? I take it that I don't need to format the USB installer as MBR...? Thanks, Paul.
  6. Hi - Just an update to say that converting GPT to MBR with that software did not work. Wiped the drive and have made a new key with MBR setting in MyHack options. Still hoping to install my Win7 image in free space after OSX but I guess that's fraught with problems! Am following the guide in previous post. Giving it a go now...
  7. Hi, I just donated 5 dollars - I know it's not much but if everyone did it, we'd have an even better EDP! Thanks again, Paul.
  8. Thanks very much for your guidance. I'm going to try and make a dual boot system now. Found some software that claims they can change a system GPT to MBR without losing data. AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional Edition 5.5. Will pop the SSD into my Lenovo W530 drive bay and give it a try (I've already imaged the Mavericks install just in case). Would like to restore my original Win7 image to free space following the newly converted MBR OSX. I suspect it will require MBR repair but hopefully I'll end up with a Chameleon bootloader giving OSX/Win7 option without having to reinstall Win7 again (as this takes ages with my setup). ... all this effort because a French translation agency uses Mac 'Type A' fonts with InDesign which are not available in the PC world! I got fed up with my VirtualBox - as suspected, this T430 i5 Mavericks is so quick and smooth with an SSD. Realy chuffed! Paul. (PS I am reading your guide on dual boot but any thread links would be great).
  9. Hi, So I'm now using bootpack Lenovo T430 (same processor spec, HD4000) USB keyboard and mouse allows first Mavericks install from USB key. After Disk utility: GUID / mac journal partition, I install to SSD and choose manual for the Extra folder on the install key. Then Yes, Yes, Yes. Wait a long time with time remaining flipping between "one minute" and "less than one minute". At the end it said "Installation failed". Switched off laptop (hard reset) and loaded up the OS even though it said installation had failed. I managed to get into Mavericks and ran your EDP. Wow! All looking pretty sweet! Just not sure if I should continue to work with this system or start again due to the failed installation message?? Thanks, Paul.
  10. Hi Jake, You are my new best friend! I've tried for 4 days, making 6 different install keys, following vanilla and non-vanilla tutorials, clover, chimera (chameleon, stolen and rebranded), chameleon all with ML and Mavericks! Most people would have given up a long time ago... So I almost didn't believe this laptop would ever see the installation screen but thanks to your advice, "Execution prevention" enabled has got me to the install screen! WELL DONE! --------------------------- OK so I do get an install screen but no keyboard operation (didn't expect trackpad to work) to choose English and carry on. Should I plug in a PS2 mouse? I know it takes a while to load up but just wondering if I should wait even longer for keyboard to respond? Thanks again for your initial response - I was elated! All the best, Paul.
  11. Hi everyone, System: Lenovo T430/2349 BG6, IvyBridge, Chipset QM77, HD4000, 1366x768 I'm really struggling getting to the installation screen using MyHack / Mavericks / Bootpack for T430. I have a straightforward T430 with no discrete graphics, just HD4000 and can't seem to get to an installation screen. I have loaded default setup in BIOS and then made the following changes: Made sure VDt is off Sata is AHCI USB set to legacy boot mode set to legacy No changes to Power management Secure Boot Disabled All other security features disabled. OK, so I made a boot key with my hack and then ran installation again to add the Extra folder downloaded in bootpack for T430. I would really appreciate some help to get me further. Are there any issues with SSD I wonder? From reading around, it is usually the graphics that is failing if it re-boots immediately you get to Darwin text on screen log. With great thanks to anyone that can help! Paul (surfmk).
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