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  1. Hi, it's me again, I've installed Yosemite but with these parameters: -f -v npci=0x3000 GraphicEnable=No the sys freeze at "Darwin system bootstrapper 2.0.0: etc. etc.
  2. Of course, but I liked Myhack so much, and i lost my copy of Mavericks. I'll try something, thanks.
  3. Can I use Yosemite? Or just Mavericks?
  4. So, i have to create an installations drive for OS X, can you link me a post? I'm not so concentrated right now! Thanks in advance!
  5. I've installed Chameleon on a usb thumb drive but in doesn't boot at all!
  6. Ok, but just in case, OS X isn't on the RAID, it is on an ssd samsung 250gb. I'll give it a try, thanks!
  7. I've tried, various flags like -F, PCIRootUID=1\0, npci=0x3000\2000, -x, but nothing!!! Help please, i've got a ton of work to do!!!
  8. Hi guys, I need your help, my sys was working well, but i enabled trim for my ssd sys disk and something wrong happened, my RAID (Software RAID 0) started to make a recursive access noise, so i tried to fix the problem by re-installing Chameleon, but things got worst, now the sys reach the desktop, but instead of it i have the GSOD. I don't know what to do. boot parameters, -v GraphicEnabler=No Kext-dev-mode=1 System: Intel based, radeon 7970, samsung ssd, 2 x 2tb WD RAID, 32gb ram.
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