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  1. Still not working, when pressing fn+f5/f6 it shows in console: AsusNBFnKeys: GPU device not found. (same as before dsdt patch). 2.zip
  2. Still not working. Pressing fn+f3/f4 shows nothing in console. Here is my syslog, ioreg, dsdt: 2.zip
  3. CPU: i7-2630qm GPU: Gtx460m 1.5GB Chipset: Sandy Bridge H65
  4. Is it possible to patch dsdt on g53sw to make display backlight working? I don't have BCMD so I can't use your patch. I saw that someone asked for help to patch g73sw, which is same but with bigger screen, but I don't understand how to patch my dsdt as I don't know where "edit for GPU _DSM method". I attach my dsdt. DSDT.zip
  5. I can't make my keyboard backlight to work. I have installed fnkeys kext, patched dsdt. Do I have to use Elan PS2 kext to enable backlight in my G53sw (Set the entry "Enable Asus KBacklight" to Yes)? With voodoo ps2 it won't work? I have synaptics touchpad so when I remove voodoo PS2 kext and use Elan PS2, keyboard works, touchpad not and no backlight even enabled in info.plist. I tried to use Elan PS2 - only keyboard kext (removed controller kext) + voodoo PS2 - controller&mouse (deleted keyboard kext) but then my keyboard doesn't work. I would like to use your keyboard kext with voodoo mouse and touchpad but can't make it work simultaneously. What does f3 and f4 0-6 setting in plist of fnkeys mean? Do I have to put other number than 0? I upload my dsdt, hope you can help me. DSDT.zip
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