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  1. When I installed those kexts it started throwing kernel panics.
  2. I'm having some problems turning my laptop into a hackintosh. This is the laptop I'm working with: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834230594 And I'm using Niresh since a friend told me that would be my best bet. First off: I can't boot, not because I'm sure it won't but when it's booting up it will start to make an extremely loud high pitched squeal and I know it's coming from the mic because if I touch the mic hole on my laptop or talk I can hear it, but it turns into an instantaneous squeel(but I can't mute it). And I feel like it will break my speakers so I cut it off instead of trying to push through it. I've gotten it to boot without safe mode by disabling all audio in the bios but when it boots up I can't get it to change any settings under sound or voodoo hda because they aren't detecting anything which is because I've disabled the audio. I've installed the niresh all-in-one audio solution and an azalia kext for my chipset but nothing has worked. There are a few other issues but they are minor compared to this one. Any ideas?
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