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  1. Hervé, ( you legend, you! ) - Good to see that you're still going 'strong-and-hard' in here - Well Done! Yep, I had already read this somewhere else too, [ the whole requirement of OS X v10.8.5 being the minimum starting point - for any Haswell-based attempts. ] Damn it! - ( As I've only got a 'Checksum Verified' version of the OS X v10.8 Golden Master to start with… ) Next obvious question - Can I install this on a Mountain Lion capable Mac to begin with, smash it with the OS X v10.8.5 Update Combo, and have the resulting Recovery Partition also then step up to v10.8.5 as well? - ( To thus in turn, 'legitimately procure' a valid and trustworthy OS X v10.8.5 InstallESD.dmg to begin with? ) I'm not too sure if this kind of questioning is considered AOK within the constraints of this Forum - But given the amount of money Apple have made from me across my entire 'love affair' with them - I know at least, I can still sleep each night without any guilt whatsoever… ( I've been a Wallet-evacuated, solid, unwavering and committed 'Mac-ficionado' since System 6! ) Nevertheless, I take zero offence if this Post is promptly deleted - and I also proffer-up my apologies in advance, if this Post is deemed an 'inappropriate question' within the constraints of this Forum. Fingies-crossed though - somebody in here will let me know if this 'path-of-procurement' will indeed work... As always - Many thanks in advance, The Random01 (c;=
  2. I know - I know, Yup, why am I chasing this? Because I love Mountain Lion, that's why. ( I've said it before - and I'll say it again - If I wanted my HackBook to 'feel' like it was running some kind of a retarded cousin of iOS, I'd go out and buy an iPad… ) Mountain Lion - The very lucky last 'of the Big-Cats', that can only just claim to resemble the last remnants Steve's influence and of OS X's TRUE origins - ( All before OS X 'went off the rails', with an unrelenting overbearing insistence of barging into your own personal existence - with its 'E.T. Phone-Home' iCloud domination - along with OS X's continuance of 'whittling down' all the really cool Open Source goodies that made it initially as grand as it once was… ) So that's why I wanna stay 'all Old Man grumpy'n'arrogant' - and whack this lil' DELL e7440 firmly on Mountain Lion. OK - So here's the spec's ; DELL Latitude e7440 - Intel i5 4310U Processor - 8GB RAM - 128GB SSD - Intel HD4400 Graphics - 1920x1080 Display What do I need from somebody? 1x 'Custom Bootpack' for this specific system, so I can quick-create a myHack v3.3.1 OS X v10.8 USB-Installer Any 'takers' - Milk Shakers? ( Is this even possible? ) Anxiously awaiting the necessary solution, from this awesome Community's already demonstrated brilliance - Thanks in advance, The Random01 (c;=
  3. Jacatone, You need to be a little more 'hungry' to get this lil' Dell of yours up, up, and away. I have EXACTLY your Laptop - a Dell D630, (with a Low-Res 1280x800 Intel X3100 for Graphics), and with Herve's assistance some 18-odd months ago - I was able to leap into Lion, pretty damn quick. Back when I had a crack, EDP(v6) still had a couple of teething issues - so Herve shot me a 'special' Boot Pack - and once I received this from him, Lion was running in less than an hour on my otherwise destined-for-eCycling Dell, from start-to-finish. Don't be disheartened by Jake and Herve's responses to you so far - Their responses are in fact perfectly justified, if it appears that you haven't really bothered to have a reasonable look throughout the 'Site to start with... The reason I say this, is that if you had - you would have stumbled onto my plea for help from Herve about a year and a half ago, that fully presents all of the necessary details to get you to the same place that I currently stand. A Dell D630 - deployed without drama, on Lion v10.7.5 - and believe me when I tell you, it performs flawlessly, and just cruises soooooooo good! (I'll do you a solid though, here's my original post -> https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/7210-d630-w-intel-x3100-low-res-1280x800-dramas-with-edpv6-and-lion-1075/ ) Follow your nose CAREFULLY through this topic - and without much fuss or fury, you too - can have a body like mine! (Don't forget to send Herve a Private Message, and thank him for the hard work which he had gone to, to make this as easy for you - as it was for me...) PS - Herve and Jake; Once again lads - my hat is off, well and truly off - to your weapons-grade continuing contributions... The Random01 (c;=
  4. Uh-Oh and Doh! After just finishing the Post I made above - I've just stumbled across Conti's Topic, surrounding how to patch Lion's 'AppleRTC.kext' - as per here: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/3199-how-to-patch-lions-applertckext/ Have I committed not one, but two - Mortal Sins? One - Edited a .plist file and hence a Kext - using 'nano', instead of using a formal Binary Editor… Two - Recklessly overwritten an existing .plist file, directly within a Kext that resides right inside the outright primary /System/Library/Extensions location... How much trouble am I in now? Mmmm, once either of you have picked yourselves up of off the floor - (from just losing it), please advise… Fingers crossed - there is in fact, some way out of all of this. (No real fears-for-tears, as my D630 still boots Lion sweet - and still plays AOK - but this WiFi issue has led me to this current potential issue with this Kext in question…) Regards - and once again, thanks.
  5. Mario, I just pretended to know what the pair of you Gurus are talking about, so the first thing I did BEFORE REMOVING the Dell factory-fitted WiFi Card - was have a look within System Profiler - (have a look here): Now, once I had replaced the Dell factory-fitted WiFi Card - with the Genuine Apple AR5BXB6 WiFi Card, I rebooted both with and without Cache from the Chameleon prompt. Immediately, using 'lspci -nn' from within Terminal - I was able to confirm without fail, that the new Apple WiFi Card had indeed taken, but looking back inside System Profiler, nothing had changed - and still nothing inside System Preferences / Networking was found to reflect the new Card. Next step, the attack as directed by Hervé. Located the 'offending' Kext - the vanilla AirportAtheros40.kext, (which was located - as advertised - within the PlugIns Folder of IO80211Family.kext). I made a copy of this Kext onto the Desktop and as instructed, right-moused on this Kext and selected 'Show Contents' - (I assume that's what you are supposed to do…). Looking inside, the only 'file' I could see that contained anything even relevant to the task at hand was the 'Info.plist' file - contents of which, as below: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "http://www.apple.com/DTDs/PropertyList-1.0.dtd"> <plist version="1.0"> <dict> [...] [...] [...] <key>Atheros Wireless LAN PCI</key> <dict> <key>CFBundleIdentifier</key> <string>com.apple.driver.AirPort.Atheros40</string> <key>IOClass</key> <string>AirPort_AtherosNewma40</string> <key>IOMatchCategory</key> <string>IODefaultMatchCategory</string> <key>IONameMatch</key> <array> <string>pci168c,30</string> <string>pci168c,2a</string> </array> [...] [...] [...] </plist> Noting the variables that I have highlighted with bold - I knew I was on the right track. Dragging a copy of this 'Info.plist' file out of this Kext onto the Desktop as well, I opened the 'Info.plist' file from within Terminal using 'sudo nano', (simply the best Terminal-based editor - as is doesn't affect ownership upon exiting!): 'sudo nano /Users/User-Name/Desktop/Info.plist' All I did, after noting that the two existing Hardware Devices within this file DID NOT have leading zeros, was add the following line - (read, the Bold and Italic, below the two Bold entries): <string>IODefaultMatchCategory</string> <key>IONameMatch</key> <array> <string>pci168c,30</string> <string>pci168c,2a</string> <string>pci168c,1c</string> </array> <key>IOProbeScore</key> <integer>505</integer> <key>IOProviderClass</key> I then, wrote 'out' to the file, and to be sure the changes 'took, re-opened it to clarify - All was well. As directed, selected 'Show Contents' of the Desktop-copied AirportAtheros40.kext, navigated to within its PlugIns Folder - and replaced the existing 'Info.plist' file with my amended version. I then moved this amended Kext into the /Extras/Extension Folder, launched myHack v2.2 / entered my 'sudo password/ and chose 'Run myFix' / 'QuickFix' myHack ran riot - and upon completion, I rebooted again both with and without Caches - both occasions failing to reveal any joy within System Preferences / Networking OR System Profiler - (still showing the same device as per the pic above…) Further investigations revealed that myHack had in fact FAILED to 'update' the vanilla AirportAtheros40.kext along with its embedded 'Info.plist' file, all located within the original IO80211Family.kext, - from the 'changed version' that I had placed within /Extras/Extensions - to effect my intended changes. Now - I don't know if manually 'dropping in' the amended Info.plist file directly - without using myHack - is OK to do, but that was my next attack vector. This time at least, upon manually dumping in the amended 'Info.plist' file directly into the vanilla AirportAtheros40.kext, (located within the original IO80211Family.kext), resulted in my changes sticking tight. Next, I ensured that both the vanilla AirportAtheros40.kext AND the 'modified' AirportAtheros40.kext placed within the /Extra/Extensions Folder WERE BOTH IN THE SAME MODIFIED STATE, (with the original unmodified vanilla AirportAtheros40.kext, backed-up for safety) I then re-lit myHack v2.2, again selected 'myFix' and set about letting it run wild with a 'Full' deep fix - reasoning that at least if both Kexts were identical, then it wouldn't matter. Once it had wrapped up ensuring that all permissions were repaired and such - I rebooted, again both with and without Cache from Chameleon - and yup, you guessed it - no joy in either System Preferences / Networking, or again within System Profiler - (the same Hardware as found within the above pic…) Just to be triple-confident, I repeated the entire procedure ALL OVER AGAIN from the top - in all of its incarnations - only this time, i utilised the full Hardware ID instead of the abbreviated one; Initial - <string>pci168c,1c</string> Amended to - <string>pci168c,001c</string> Once completely through every incarnation of the above steps, (with the 'new' string entry) - here I still stand, still with no joy... (No change within either System Preferences / Networking - along with the same System Profiler status, as pic'd above.) What am I, or have I - done wrong? Regards, and thanks again - in advance...
  6. I am the original Muppet! Having come all the way from Mac OS System 6 - all the way through to OS X Lion, (yes - I have come ALL the way, from Mac OS System 6, System 7 - (System 7.6.2 was my favourite!) - Mac OS 8, Mac OS 9, and then across into OS X - (including 'Kodiak'!) - through 'Cheetah', 'Puma', 'Jaguar', 'Panther', 'Tiger', 'Leopard', 'Snow Leopard' - and now finally Lion…) With this history - I should well and truly have remembered the parameters within the Bluetooth PrefPane, so - my apologies... A couple of clicks later, and the Bluetooth Setup Assistant issue - resolved. I couldn't be happier. After 'de-tuning' the Lion-esk-ness-ness of Lion, somewhat back to Snow Leopard - (read, switch off 'Restore windows when quitting and re-opening apps' for starters!) - I have been throughly impressed with just how responsive and incredibly stable this D630 is - flat-crack sprinting - not running - Lion! Immaterial of whether this D630 can or cannot progress any further beyond Lion - I couldn't care less, (as I'm just not really that keen to move any further forward anyway) - as too much starts to become stripped away from what I consider OS X's true roots, fundamentally to be. If I wanted a Laptop to 'feel' like iOS, then I'd buy an iPad! It's taken me this long to finally move up and away from Snow Leopard, (which I already miss to a degree, as - no more Rosetta, no more 'Save/Save As', no more Front Row, etc-etc…) But - Safari 5 was starting to show its limits when roaming around within today's Internet environment, and at least within Lion, you instantly get Safari 6 - and once updated to the latest v6.1.x - is then fully loaded with the same WebKit2 engine, security, and additional grunt as provided for Safari within 'Mavericks' and 'Yosemite'. Boom... Hence from the get-go, I still get to somewhat retain a 'Classic OS X feel', but now with current cutting-edge Safari capabilities. Aside from 'all the good stuff now gone', I'm pretty impressed with all of the new goodies - and additional claws - Lion brings to the table. For example, native Full-Screen on everything from Safari, Terminal AND ALSO Full-Screen Screen Sharing! - through to Mail as well - (so, OK, this iOS-ish-ness I don't mind…) But I'll be damned if I'll be moving any further forward, as I feel 'Mountain Lion' officially marked the end of what I believe OS X should be all about. Just too much focus on trying to make what was once an incredible Desktop / Server operating system - into the retarded cousin of iOS. (I also hate the unabated and ongoing high level pressure, to 'integrate' with iCloud as well…) Plus too boot, some of the Mac's about the place here - just can't natively migrate past Lion anyway. (Currently running a selection of Late'06 iMacs, Late'06 MacbookPro's, plus a couple of '08 dual-QuadCoreXeon Xserves Xgrid'd together - for any and all heavy lifting!) Well, it's good to finally be here - finally up on Lion - swinging hard with the King-Of-The-Jungle...
  7. Snap-Crackle-Pop and Shazzan! ( <- Ignore the Hanna-Barbera reference, if you're too young! ) I can now attest to the shear brilliance of Hervé-The-Almighty! If you can't be bothered encumbering your installation of Lion with any form of EDP - onto a Dell D630 x3100 Low-Res (1280x800) - then read this Topic from the top and simply follow my every step from Post #3 - and along with Hervé-The-Almighty's additional input - you too, will have a D630 like mine... - Perfect Screen Aspect Ratio and a number of useful resolution selections available within 'System Preferences / Displays' - Analogue Audio In and Audio Out working flawlessly, as well as the embedded Speaker and Mic, (even the D630 Volume Up/Down recognised by OS X!) - Ethernet ready-to-rock! (Well, mine appeared as 'Bluetooth PAN', but I simply relabelled this to 'Ethernet' within 'System Preferences / Networking') - Seamless 'Sleep' on Lid-close and Resume on Screen-open or Power Button - just perfect. - Bluetooth 'OOB', (Out-of-Box), good-to-go - and the Wireless Switch on the side, once configured in BIOS, disables it as well! - Trackpad deliciousness includes two-finger, (well, one 'fat finger'), zoom/scroll and one-touch tap - Complete integration with Li-Ion Battery Charging and state-of-charge reporting in the Menu Bar - Firewire instant provisioning, (Just awesome for Target Disk Mode within OS X!) - Recognition of the standard RS232 Serial Port, (but yet to confirm OS X can 'see' it) - All USB Ports fully functioning at USB 2.0 Speeds - Immediate ability to engage the DVD-ROM for DVD Playback within DVD Player - All keys recognised on the Keyboard, (although still yet to eliminate the 'pesky' Bluetooth Setup Assistant that presents at each boot, due to 'no keyboard detected' when the D630 Keyboard is definitely present and working...) That said, that done - just need to sought out the WiFi. (See my post over on the 'Supported/unsupported Wireless cards inventory' Topic, for how I'm hoping to resolve this issue...) Hervé, Thank you once again for your unwavering support - for my first 'dabble' into this Mad-As-World of Hackintoshing. Can you confirm-or-deny that the Bootpack you were kind enough to supply me, (D630i_LoRes_10.7.5_Tuned_Pack.zip), has also been optimised for the maximum possible 'giddy-up' for the x3100 Video Hardware I have on my D630, when it comes to Quartz Extreme and Core Image performance? I read what both yourself and 'Bronxteck', (Mario), have been up to over on the 'Performance tuning with FakeSMC & SMBIOS plist' Article - (an excellent write-up by the way!) - and was wondering if I also now need to walk down the same road, or if what you gave me within your supplied Bootpack - has all of this - already 'peaked'? (And any idea of 'disposing' of the persistant Bluetooth Setup Assistant, as mentioned above?) Cheers again - and again, thanks in advance.
  8. Gents, Thanks to all so far, regarding all of the help in getting my Dell D630 x3100 Low-Res (1280x800) 'airborne' on Lion. (Hervé, especially Mate - My hat's off, my son - my hat is well and truly off! You are a true Gentleman and Guru! That D630 Bootpack you threw at me, along with your additional advice to resolve my boot-up issues - has resulted in a D630 that just simply 'hummmms' on Lion v10.7.5!) Now needless to say, the Dell factory-fitted 'Intel' MiniPCIe Wi-Fi Card - (a Dell '0NC293' 802.11a/b/g Card to be precise) - simply ain't gonna fly... I do however, have an old Early-2006 MacBook - (2.0GHz Core Duo, NOT Core2 Duo) - which has been 'retired' for a while now. It has a genuine Apple MiniPCIe WiFi Card in it - an AR5XB6, (based around the AR5424 Chipset which delivers 802.11a/b/g) - and because I'm such a fan of 'e-cycling', I'd love to be able to use it! The Dell factory-fitted 'Intel' Card on the Left, and the Genuine Apple AR5XB6 Card on the right. (Again, sorry for the high-res image, just ensuring the necessary detail is present-and-accounted-for) This Genuine Apple Card isn't currently listed on the above Compatibility List - as yup, granted - this Card is from a MacBook that can't, (read, 'isn't supposed too'), go beyond Snow Leopard. I've already changed the BIOS in the D630 to re-allow WiFi, installed this Card and rebooted, but denied - no 'OOB' joy... Running 'lspci -nn', from within Terminal, revealed the following information - verbatim: '0c:00.0 Ethernet controller [200]: Atheros Communications Inc. AR242x / AR542x Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) [168c:001c] (rev 01)' Running 'lspci -v', revealed the following information - again, verbatim: '0c:00.0 Ethernet controller [200]: Atheros Communications Inc. AR242x / AR542x Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) [168c:001c] (rev 01) Subsystem: Apple Inc. AR5BXB6 802.11abg Wireless MiniPCIe Card Flags: bus master, fast devsel, latency 0, IRQ 16 Memory at f6cf0000 (64-bit, non-prefetchable) Capabilities: [40] Power Management version 2 Capabilities: [50] Message Signalled Interupts: Mask- 64bit- Queue=0/0 Enable- Capabilities: [60] Express Legacy Endpoint, MSI 00 Capabilities: [90] MSI-X: Enable- Mask- TabSize=1 Capabilities: [100] #168c Capabilities: [001] #1c16 Capabilities: [470] #4b Capabilities: [101] #1c16 Capabilities: [470] <chain looped>' What extra information do you guys need from me / from this Card, which would allow me to wrap up this build, and also allow this Card to be added to your Compatibility List? Let me know. Forever impressed and thanks once again in advance.
  9. Hervé, Thanks for the prompt reply. OK, still a couple of issues - but... - Grabbed your Bootpack as directed. (Downloaded as 'D630i_LoRes_10.7.5_Tuned_Pack.zip') - Unzipped it and placed it on the Desktop of the same Admin Account on my iMac, running Snow Leopard v10.6.8 - Launched Disk Utility and reformatted the 16GB USB Stick, (now completely empty, with a single GUID Partition) - Relit myHack v3.3.1, entered my sudo password for this Mac Account when prompted - and again chose 'Create OS X Installer' - Once again I chose 'Create OS X 10.7 Installer' - Selected the 16GB USB Stick to create a fresh OS X Installer - Selected the same 'InstallESD.dmg' from round one, as the source for creating a v10.7.2 Installation - Let myHack v3.3.1 run riot, ensuring I denied the request to allow for MBR Partitioning - myHack v3.3.1 DOES NOT THEN PROMPT YOU FOR YOUR EXTRAS, it simply wraps up the creation of your USB Installer - Once myHack v3.3.1 had finished, I relaunched it and now chose from the initial drop-down, 'Install Extra' - When prompted for the location of the USB Installer to be 'modded', I chose the freshly-minted USB OS X v10.7.2 Installer created only moments earlier - Next, I was asked to either go 'Generic' or 'Use My Own', obviously 'Use My Own' was selected - Finally I was prompted to browse for the location of my 'Extra' Folder, and so I did - navigating to the Extra Folder contained within the unzipped file from earlier, (originally labelled as 'D630i_LoRes_10.7.5_Tuned_Pack.zip') - myHack v3.3.1 took the bait and amended the USB Installer, and upon resolving all necessary tasks then informed me that all-was-well With a deep breath, I then double-checked all of the BIOS Settings within my Dell D630 Low-Res, inserted the 'new' USB Installer and Powered Up. The first thing I noticed was that your Bootpack had correctly set the aspect ratio within the OS X Installer, (no more 'stretched' Mac Installer environment!), so I then launched Disk Utility and reformatted the internal 80GB HDD once again. - Away the Installation went, and as before, at about three-ish minutes left to completion, up came the request to go either 'Generic' or 'Use your Own' - I then inserted an additional USB Stick that also contained your 'Extra' Folder from your originally zipped file, and directed the Installer to use this Folder - The Installer gobbled this Folder up and continued on, unabated - Once again, the usual array of requests for removing/ignoring problematic Kexts all came and went and were all answered 'Yes' to remove each one - Installation wrapped up, and upon reboot, I removed both USB Sticks - and crossed both fingers The reboot featured your 'different' chromed Apple Logo, but it appeared to stall. After approximately five minutes of zero Hard Drive activity, (No HDD LED action - but still spinning boot 'paddle' icon), I killed the Power and restarted the D630. At the Chameleon bootscreen, tapped a key to provide boot options and instead this time, selected 'Boot Verbose'. Watched intently, until the boot process again stalled and snapped a Screen-Shot with my iPhone; (Sorry about the large image size - I just wanted to ensure that the necessary detail was present-and-accounted-for...) (Tell me what you make of this...) Nevertheless, I cycled Power again and this time chose Chameleon's 'Boot Ignore Caches' option, and Voila! - straight into the Lion 'Create Account / Register' prompts. Happy Days - and found myself again standing upon a fresh Lion v10.7.2 Desktop - this time, with PERFECT screen aspect ratio and resolution! Immediately set the time correctly, but as soon as Spotlight commenced its Indexing of the HDD - several prompts popped up on the screen as follows; Now, each time I execute a reboot - I can only get to the Login Prompt, if I chose the 'Boot Ignore Caches' option within Chameleon. Needless to say, I'm holding back from the upgrade to v10.7.5 until advised to do so by you. Again thanks for your help so far - but what-say-you, can I stretch the friendship for just a little more help? Many Regards and thanks in advance...
  10. Gents, Simply a stunning attack vector - when getting your Dell Latitude D630 Lappy, 'up-up-and-away' on OS X! Brilliant work, (and hat's off to all), for putting together such an amazing resource - across a well laid out, and beautifully presented 'Site. OK, having a red-hot-go at getting a Dell D630 Intel x3100 'Low Res', (read 1280x800), airborne on Lion v10.7(.5) (The '.5' is in brackets - due to my probable misinterpretation of the specific steps required to get from a fresh install of v10.7.2, up to v10.7.5) Here's what's happening right now; Upon booting via 'Boot Verbose' within Chameleon, tonnes of progression - until hitting the skids at 'Still waiting for root device'... How I got here; (and due to the obvious 'Uber-N00b-ality' of me, myself and I - I have listed every single exact step that has led to this current knotted-ball-of-string...) - Began by downloading 'myHack v3.3.1' onto my iMac, running Snow Leopard v10.6.8 - Within an Admin Account, placed a verified Lion v10.7.2 'InstallESD.dmg' onto the Desktop - Formatted a 16GB USB Stick as directed, ran myHack v3.3.1 and wrapped up the creation of the USB Installer, using the correct and already unzipped Bootpack for my Low-Res D630 - Configured my D630's BIOS Settings, (version A19), as directed - Booted from the newly minted OS X v10.7.2 USB Installer, and managed to progress to the 'Choose Langauge' prompt found within the OS X Installer - Selected Disk Utility from the Menu Bar and formatted the internal 80GB SATA HDD of the D630, as a 'Mac OS Extended (Journaled)' HDD, committing to the Erase with a write of zeros across the 'Drive, just to be safe-and-sure - Upon format completion, just to double-down with extra safety, selected Partition / 1 Partition / and within the 'Options' ensured that 'GUID Partition Table' was selected - Suitably convinced I now had a 'clean-tight-and-tidy' HDD, I then let the USB Installer off-of-the-chain and the installation of 10.7.2 went off without a hitch - As directed at the 'Generic Kexts' prompt, I successfully chose 'Use My Own' and located the appropriate 'Extra Folder' created by the initially downloaded and unzipped Bootpack file from Step 3, above - I hit 'yes' to every prompt regarding any extensions of concern, and once resolved - commenced to reboot from the internal 80GB HDD This is when the first issue arose... I couldn't get to the Create Account / Registration Process, unless I chose 'Boot Ignore Caches' from within Chameleon. Nevertheless, once this boot option was selected, I was able to complete the Create Account step, and proceed straight into a fresh, clean and new, Lion Desktop. By this point, I was feeling very, VERY impressed - at just how far the Hackintosh Community - as a collective - had made this entire process to this point, so easy for me. I really did feel as though I was standing on the shoulders of unquestioned greatness! Next move, obviously straight into EDP. - I configured my new Lion environment's Ethernet for all-systems-go, and immediately downloaded the 'Install_EDP_v6.zip' file - onto my new Lion Desktop - As directed, double-clicked on the unzipped 'Install EDP' icon and entered my sudo password at the prompt waiting within the Terminal Window - Without any hesitation, the installation concluded and with a selection of immediate launch, a fresh window opened - revealing the minty-lushness of the beautiful work put together by all of you Gurus, otherwise known as EDPv6. Simply breath-taking, gorgeous work. Stunning visuals, amazing layout - incredible vision! However, this is where the real problems began... - Instructions made it clear to 'refresh' the model database within EDP, so before anything else I updated via the 'Config Button' and chose 'Download EDP Updates' - Once complete, I then headed back to the 'EDP Button' and hit the 'Build from model database', but the list refused to reveal ANY systems at all, within the drop-down list - I re-attempted a 'Download EDP Updates', but still no joy within the drop-down for selecting ANY system at all... Attacking the Forums, I discovered a few others were having the same issues - EDP v5/6 refusing to populate the drop-down. Within this Topic - https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/7126-cannot-download-bootpack-d630-x3100-low-res-missing/?hl=d630i_lores_10.7.5_tuned_pack&do=findComment&comment=42126 - somebody was having the same problem as me, and somebody else, gave the option of downloading the files for my D630, that EDP needed as a 'Ready-to-Go-Pack' So, needless to say - I grabbed the same Pack as well. Upon downloading it, I noted that it said that it was for v10.7.5 - not v10.7.2 - and this is where everything starting to go all-fuzzy-and-wild... Indecision, turmoil, uncertainty - what to do? You guessed it - because I was in a new Lion v10.7.2 Desktop - (and not v10.7.5) - I stupidly moved the 'MacOSXUpdCombo10.7.5.dmg' over - and applied it. Now that the UpdateCombo for v10.7.5 has had it way with this installation, at the Chameleon boot-loader - immaterial of whether I choose 'Boot Ignore Caches' or not - there's simply no more OS X Login Prompt for me... Selecting 'Boot verbose' instead - as stated at the beginning / at the top - progresses until 'Still waiting for root device'... So, there it is - I haven't managed to locate a solution within the Forums - so Help(?), and go easy on an Uber-N00b! Thanks in advance.
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