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  1. I have fixed the issue after installing the new extra downloaded few days before from this forum, but now new problem raised .... Please see the attached .... I only can boot with -x safe mood ... My default res is 1280xx800 for osx and for windows i used 1440x900 Graphic card are: Intel hd graphics and nvidia 3100m
  2. there is no module folder in extra...... what to do with Chameleon wizards .. i am new on OSX.. however I have installed chameleon wizards in my HD ... please advise me what to do further ...
  3. Thanks to the OSXLatitude team. Most of the issues I have fixed by this forum, but some new issues raised as I have started to check. 1- imessage can't sign in ... 2- facetime can't sign in .... 3- see the attached - I am getting the system message that ( Kernel extension Could not be loaded) last but most important . App Store can't sign in .. ( cant verified your device or computer ) Please advise how to fix the above .. Thanks once again...
  4. booted with-f n works well ... do i have boot every time with-f ? please let me know the compatible wifi for e6410
  5. I have disabled graphic card one by one but still can't boot ... Please advise further ....
  6. Well i disabled the wifi from bios , but the problem remains same ..... I will try to disable one of graphic also and will update the status soon ....
  7. Thanks Herve, But what should i do with booting issue ... some time it boots some time not .... should prepare again the usb and install it again, i am new to osx and know basics of windows only ... so please help me sort this matter... mean while i am preparing bootable usb E6410M and MyHack to re-install it ...
  8. i am writing this again as really m getting much tired after installation of mavericks 10.9.4, a major issue with me is that some time my machine boot some time not ... most of the time i have to run Myfix and succeeded almost three times to boot the osx, every time after shutting down i cant boot again except running MyHack to day morning when i started system again it stuck after few seconds on gray screen with apple logo. other issues are WiFi not working - system says airport installed cant sign in app store i did not check much due to booting difficulties System Specs E6410 - i7 cpu M620 , 2.67GHz: ACPI x86 based PC- intel 5 series/3400 chipset family Intel hd graphics NVIDIA NVS 3100M 512MB gDDR3 Network Adapter: intel 82577LM Gigabit Network and Intel centrino Ultimate -N6300 AGN osx version Mavericks 10.9.4... please help as i have spent more less 5 days and each day more than 10 hrs to solving this issue , kindly note that i am new on mac osx i never use before so please define me in brief.....
  9. Run the myhack fix n it is back on working now... Thanks a lot dear for the everything ... I really appreciate this forum ... Good luck
  10. Yes i have done already as per the link you have attached .... But i don't know y i am not getting the display ..
  11. I am also running mavericks via VMWare ... Via win 7 .. I have written the specs in my previous msg , please let me know if you require a further info ...
  12. I am running dual boot win 7 and mavericks 10.9.4 ... sys Specs are E6410 - i7 cpu M620 , 2.67GHz Intel hd graphics NVIDIA NVS 3100M 512MB gDDR3
  13. Sorry dear i messed with the whole work i done last night , i changed a chemleon plist and reboot the system but unfortunately i could not able to get the boot again , so i reinstall mavericks again ..... And again the 1st issue came out .... Only im hearing the voice for vo setup .. With only apple logo .. I tried vo+shift + uparrow .... And few times f5 also .. But could not get screen .. When i done the 1st time setup .. I pressed the vo+shift + uparrow and got the screen but this time bad luck .... Pleae advise
  14. Sorry it was my mistake .. it works now after bypassing the Voice over configuration .... intact i am a new on Mac OSX , so don't know much .. Currently i am facing issue with Wifi .. it does not show .. so how can i fix it ... thanks for the reply ..
  15. I have installed the osx 10.9.4 on dell latitude 100% went as per guide, now it stucked\hanged on gray screen with Apple logo and just sound comes for voice over controll . Plz help me for further that what should i do ... N what went wrong?
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