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e6410 App Store, imsg and Face time not working


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Thanks to the OSXLatitude team. Most of the issues I have fixed by this forum, but some new issues raised as I have started to check. 


1-  imessage can't sign in ...

2- facetime can't sign in ....

3- see the attached - I am getting the system message that ( Kernel extension Could not be loaded) 



last but most important .


App Store can't sign in .. ( cant verified your device or computer ) 


Please advise how to fix the above .. 



Thanks once again... 

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I have fixed the issue after installing the new extra downloaded few days before from this forum, but now new problem raised .... Please see the attached .... I only can boot with -x safe mood ... My default res is 1280xx800 for osx and for windows i used 1440x900
Graphic card are: Intel hd graphics and nvidia 3100m



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 i have installed and used the chameleon Wizard  and got fixed as below listed 


1. changed bios.Plist with -f ....it started well ( it shows like <key>Kernel Flags</key> <string>-f</string>

2. Got Serial number for my mac book ,,

3. and device properties have not any string.. y? <key>device-properties</key> <string></string>

thats all but did not able to enable duallink ....  


i am trying to print screen but don't know y it is not working now ( plz ignore this issue )  even tried ALT+F4+Shift  

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