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  1. Ok, I will try this. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I'd just like to thank you all for spend time to my case. If you don't help me, I'd be lost. I have the Yosemite running on Dell optiplex 9020 with good performance. Now I'm going to install Windows and dual boot. Wish me luck. Thanks a lot!
  2. If i undestood, your fakeSMC that i copied to SSD/Extra, it's super correct!!! It's because i have no more lag at Yosemite, it has a great performance now. i think is all perfect now! Sound is enable! Thank you very much all! Thank you Jake Lo, Bronxteck, Hervé! Now i need to install Windows and after make a dual boot. For this, I need to change UEFI boot and installing Windows. Changing to UEFI mode, my hack will keep working? After this, I will make the dual boot. What do you suggest me? Is there any tutorial?
  3. Jake Lo, I didn't it. 1- After your last message, I copied Extra folder to Macintosh SSD root. is it correct? After this, I realized that when I open Chameleon Wizard, now, it's get a 14,2 Imac SMBios, I imagine that SMBIOS is that I've downloaded packet of your guide, right? I've no sound yet. How to get full graphics acceleration for these kexts? I've moved back AppleIntelHD* and AppleIntelF*. 2 - By the way, I have problems to follow this tutorial (http://www.osxlatitude.com/tuning-performance-with-fakesmc-smbios-plist/). What data should I use to replace DATA field from RVBF, REV and RVUF. Thanks
  4. Ok, a new issue ! I achieved to install Yosemite! For the first time that I initialized system, I did through USB bootloader, selecting "Mac Yosemite" (SSD Hard Drive). That's ok! So, I did post install by Jake Lo guide and after I restarted the computer but I cannot up the system again. Why? That's the message: "missing bluetooth controller transport"! -v shows me above message. -x shows me apple screen progress bar. This progress bar reaches nearly 50% and stop. Searching on google, I found it and I tried: Boot with -s Type: mount -uw / Type: cd /System/Library/Extensions Type: mkdir intel_back Type: mv AppleIntelHD* AppleIntelF* intel_back/ Type: touch ../Extensions unfortunatelly, no success. Any idea?
  5. So, how to configure SMBios.plist correctly on Chameleon Wizard for my PC? Dell 9020 Optiplex Intel Core i7 4770 (CPU) Intel® HD Graphics 4600 (Video) Dell Inc. 0XCR8D (Mainboard) 8GB DDR3 (Memory) Bellow print screen of my choice. That's correct? http://www.mediafire.com/view/7ake5ml5waajima/Screen_Shot_2014-12-04_at_9.17.13_AM.png
  6. What better way to make a DUAL BOOT, after installation of both (Yosemite and Windows)?
  7. Too late I did it! But first i removed my main HD and added a new hd to make this, so I still have my data. guess what? NO "STILL WAITING ROOT FOR DEVICE"!! I'll finish my Yosemite installation with your guide Jake Lo, and I'll be back here. Thanks thanks thanks again!!!
  8. I'm going to format my Hard Disk and installing first Yosemite and after Windows. I'll try it, cause i don't see another way. I'll be back to report something about it. Is there something that I should know in special, before installation? Wish me luck! Thank you all.
  9. I've done the bios firmware. no issue for my Hard Disk. I think it's good. But i have no idea about what is the problem "Still waiting...".
  10. @Jake, i'm not sure if i understood... Do you want that i use a new slave hard disk to make a new installation of Yosemite with Chameleon bootloader? I don't know if it helps, but primary SO Dell 9020 is Windows 8.1 and i do not changed it. I just created with MacDrive (running under Windows 8.1) a HFS+ partition. So, i achieved to install Mac on this partition, but never, never could boot with it. Always the message was and still is "Still For Waiting Root Device".
  11. No. Should I put it on Extra/Extensions in USB bootable only or also in SSD? Remembering that I'm using Chameleon.
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