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  1. I tried again with El Capitan on my E6420, cannot get the installer to boot properly - With USB 3 stick got "Waiting for root device" with USB 2 stick got "Waitng for DSMOS"
  2. I have already try with chameleon, this was with Yosemite. Installed Yosemite on the 2nd partition, booted from USB stick that had chameleon no problem there. The problem with chameleon is that it does not play well with Windows 8.1. I was not happy that whenever I want to boot to OSX I have to use USB stick to boot.
  3. Hi, Tried to search on the web but seems not many E6420 with NVS4200M installed successfully El Capitan or even Yosemite using EFI boot not legacy boot. My E6420 has 1TB hard disk which has 3 partitions Windows 8.1 Would be OSX in this partion. Blank at the moment Tried to install OSX, have Yosemite on this partition but can only boot in "legacy" mode. Sometimes Clover work when doing its "Scan", sometimes when clover doing the scan there would be 2 or 3 "click" sounds from the speaker and the machine would hang. This is the issue when I set in the BIOS to boot in Legacy mode. I would like to dual boot, therefore I choose Clover and UEFI boot in BIOS. I prepared the USB stick using Chris111 installer over at insanelymac forum. With DSDT from Herve found here in this forum (E6220 DSDT) the machine boot but keyboard and mouse not working also got stripe purple screen. Have tried enable/disable Optimus no difference. Anyone here has E6420 boot OSX using UEFI? Any DSDT that works with UEFI boot? Thanks for reading / helping.
  4. Few more things, I have experienced that If I use nullCPUPowermanagement, my e6420 hang when it gone to sleep mode. I.E. black screen, all I can do is press the power button and forcibly shut the machine down. DSDT-NVS.aml does nothing for me, always black screen when booting to OSX. I tried other DSDT - thread https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/6935-guide-e6420-os-x-yosemite-10100-finalgm-3pb-4/?hl=e6420. This will give you Nvidia Graphic if Optimus is disabled, but note that with NVidia it is for me very unstable. Tried with Video from Apple and Safari crash with WebKit erroe. DSDT_2ch_off.aml and NViDia Graphics off (Using only HD3000) is stable and long battery life. And the extra good thing is with this DSDT from Jake Lo I can use Clover boot loader. I have 1 TB with 3 partitions, 1 with Windows 8.1, 1 with Yosemite 10.10, thinking to use the empty partition with Linux or other OS. So my advice turn off NVidia and use HD3000 with DSDT_2ch_off.aml. Install ACPIBattery so you see the status of battery. Patch AppleIntelCPUManagement kext using "Hackingtosh Vietnam Tool" and remove NullCPU from Extra/Extensions.
  5. did you enter and run this? cp -a /Volumes/name_of your_USB_Stick/System/Library/Kernels /Volumes/name_of your_OSX_HD/System/Library. This will get rid of Kernel not found error. You can copy Exx20 folder to root of HD and rename it to Extra but you still need to change GraphicsEnabler from Yes to No. And also add Kernel parameter to chameleon.plist. Otherwise you can enter -v -f everytime you want to boot from HD.
  6. You need to change Chameleon boot plist "GraphicsEnabler" from Yes to No. You do not need to change or add DSDT to your USB stick, it will boot fine without DSDT file. Once OSX is installed to HD you need to boot with USB Stick once more. Start Terminal and run these commands cp -a /Volumes/name_of your_USB_Stick/Extra /Volumes/name_of your_OSX_HD cp -a /Volumes/name_of your_USB_Stick/System/Library/Kernels /Volumes/name_of your_OSX_HD/System/Library Read Note number 2 and do it. The system won't boot without -v -f unless you did the change. The second command is used if you do not want to enter -v -f everytime you want to boot from HD. Do not forget to install the patched AppleHDA kext, without this patch you won't have sound.
  7. Can you give me an update on how you get your e6420 to boot from Clover without issues (do you have any issues?) I used Jake Lo boot pack and try all DSDT that included and got no problem with Chameleon. I for the life of me cannot get Clover to boot properly, always got to login screen with stripes purple and low resolution (this is with difference DSDT, Optimus Enabled/Disabled). Also tried 10.10.0 and AppleHDA (ver 267) got sound. Tried 10.10.1 got no sound. Help. Anyone?
  8. My E6420 has almost the same as the O.P. e6420 except mine has core i5. I will try the DSDT you posted and report back. Thanks
  9. fixHPET is [+] in Clover GUI all the time. Clover generated DSDT is used and still KP with HPETs. Will try with different Boot Pack and report back. Edit 1 - Got it to boot to OSX Yosemite 10.10.1, ran Hackintosh Vietnam Tool - "Fix AICPUM" and there is no more HPETs problem. Got sound with latest AplleHDA kext from Jake Lo. Cannot use NVS 4200M at the moment - Got some weird screen artifacts, purple stripes and low screen resolution. See that "display" reports 2 GPUs (NVIDIA and Intel). Tried to disable "Optimus" and OSX hang at "GEForce Started". Have to enabled "Optimus" and disable NViDia with "nv_disable=1" under boot options, then I only have HD3000 in "display" no QE/CI. Next steps - have to get NVS 4200M to work properly.
  10. Would like to post my experiences so far with my E6420. First the specs - BIOS A21 I5 2540M NVS4200M 4GB RAM 1TB HD - GPT, Windows 8.1 installed (400GB). Optimus Enabled. Well I followed this guide https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/7478-dell-latitude-yosemite-install-guide/ and OSX Yosemite installed on the free space of the HD. Have to set disabled NVidia in boot.plist for the screen to come up OK, if not I have corrupted screen. Audio is Grey out, after logon "Bluetooth Assistance" comes up (no keyboard found) although keyboard is working. Wireless card is on the way from China, so I cannot say if the wireless is working. Anyway, I have Windows 8.1 on this machine so I though I try Clover for dual booting with this guide https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/6935-guide-e6420-os-x-yosemite-10100-finalgm-3pb-4/ and guess what? OSX failed with KP and the culprit is AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement. Windows boot fine no problem, actually it booted faster than before. If I set UEFI boot in BIOS Windows boot OK, but OSX boot not working all I got is blank screen. If BIOS is Legacy, Windows still boot OK. OSX came up with "Refusing new kext com.apple.driver.AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement (v196.0) Already Prelinked (v128.0)" and got KP afterwards. The same happens if I boot with "Nocaches", this time no message about "Refusing" but still failed with "No HPETs!" and the culprit is AppleIntelCPU kext. And the strange thing is that Clover report boot args - j! ij! mnne!... Tried Clover 2k3133, 2k2999, 2k2985 same results. Anyway, with this setup I can only use Chameleon boot from USB and not clover. Help on getting Clover working properly so that I can boot from HD.
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