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  1. Hervé, in the end I decided not to install Lion Mountain. No more nerves. Staying on Snow Leopard. Can I report this as a bug, that someone sees what is going on and to possibly correct it. For now, thank you and best regards!
  2. Again me. After verbose mode become this report http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/213/img0516iv.jpg/ http://imageshack.us/a/img24/6310/img0518j.jpg http://imageshack.us/a/img836/1899/img0519lv.jpg
  3. Hm ... can it mean something when I have a second disk in a DVD drive. Leopard normally rises and see both disk and myHack install disk. If you can help can put pictures or videos on the net.
  4. Unfortunately, at least the first boot, I'd be happy. Then there would be no problem to continue the installation.
  5. Coming to you again! After countless attempts to install Lion Mountain, I stopped, still boot error. Snow Leopard install a breeze, no problem. I checked the bios. Installed with bootpack Extra (boot with text-verbose), then with the Extra forum guide. The hardest thing, because even before the Mountain Lion has been installed on the same drive. I have a question: in Disk Utiliti not displayed in the Info Mount Point myHack Install from USB. From HDD shows Mount Point. I feel as if the bootloader is not installed on the disk. Someone has an idea?
  6. Sorry, but I checked several times for the Bios. I do not understand clearly why I installed Leopard and Mountain can not. I'll try to install on a 60GB SSD, perhaps it fails, if the other drives.
  7. installed Snow Leopard and EDP for final installation kext. HDD is a WD 320 GB and it will not install Lion Mountain, although previously it was just installed on it. The second HDD that I wanted to put the ML Seagate 500 GB. And it is SL installed but not ML. Snow will upgrade to 10.6.8 and try to upgrade to the ML, if it works.
  8. OK, I'm using the whole HDD, one partition, and I have a dual boot. USB and OS X journaled partition. I tried it and MBR and GUID the same result. By now I was preparing USB iMac 10.8.2. Just trying to External 10.6 SL because mountain lion blocking the installation on USB. Can I upgrade Snow Leopard to Mountain lion?
  9. Mac os yuornaled. All the same as for the Mountain Lion. On various forums writes that because boot0o and should change boot01. The terminal area is unknown to me and I go when I can just copy / paste or slowly rewritten. Sorry.
  10. Snow Leopard successfully installed, here I am writing on it. Is noticeably slower, from Mountain Lion while I had it installed. There should be something to make for a fix Chameleon boot0 error. Still looking.
  11. Yes, and I do, just not now raise ML, and to download and install the EDP. I say that I've already made, but I was never error0 boot. I did not use tonycrap, I just found a solution to this problem asking. No worries.
  12. To be clear, LM failed to install .Reboot and installation when the user entered data is not coming. I had already installed the ML, but I deleted it. Bios I checked several times. This 3 kext to end installation remove, and then dont can rebbot. Com this boot0 error.
  13. By reboot everything works. My English is poor. Can you send me a small tutorial or instructions on how to do. I found the "tonycrap" something but I do not dare. Stick to the OS is installed first, then replace Extra, from the instructions or the D630 for Nvidia, 10.8. Somehow help. Please!
  14. I failed so far as it appears in Terminal "can not execute binary file". Second, the terminal does not respond to commands. Does anyone know a simpler solution, perhaps without the terminal?
  15. As I was careless and ignorant. I write with Linux until you enable the iMac, because it's got myHack sound card and maybe something else. At Dell we fit installation of extra packages, the screen turns black. Mac fix when I go away. Now say: boot0: GPT boot0: test boot0: test boot0: GPT boot0: test boot0: test boot0: error Over time, I hope to succeed to solve this case.
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