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  1. Maps isn't working for me too, I have a DW1510 wifi card which works out of the box in my T410. Did any of you guys managed to get iMessage to work?
  2. I'm using Chameleon 2.3svn (svn-r2538) and your Mavericks bootpack with Yosemite. QE/CI and sleep is working well. I replaced the original Wifi Card with a Broadcom BCM94322HM8L which is working out of the box. iMessage is not working yet, but I'm working on it ... I think it's just a matter of adding the right values to the NVRAM. Did you manage to get iMessage running on other Notebooks with Yosemite? The Card Reader and Bluetooth isn't working with the Mavericks bootpack but I did not try to fix it yet. For audio I use VoodooHD.kext but the sound quality is really bad. Maybe i will try AppleHDA later... The camera is working too ...
  3. I used the T410s bootpack and DSDT, this fixed all my problems! Thanks a lot for your help ... The only thing which isn't working the way it should be is the battery status ... it randomly changes between the correct battery level and "no battery installed", so it's not able to calculate the time remaining... Are you able to login to iMessage? It's not working for me ... Thanks a lot for your help
  4. It has 1st Gen. HD graphics only ...
  5. Hi, i just managed to install Yosemite on my T410. I have full QE/CI and everything is working well except sleep: The T410 goes to sleep but wakes up without backlight. I tried a few different dsdt files I found for the T410 but none of them fixed the sleep problem. Adding darkwake=0 to the org.chameleon.Boot.plist did not help too ... Did anyone of you have working sleep with the T410 on OS X Yosemite? Any help would be amazing! Thanks a lot, Barki
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