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  1. In a post dated Oct 17, 2019 from a guy called Taeyon at a forum not allowed here. I can send you the link by PM. He said: "[...] AppleALC 1.4.3 has a fix (workaround actually to disable HDMI/DP audio to avoid the kernel panic), but there isn't a release yet. So I have built it manually with the HDMI/DP audio being disabled always. For this, please find the attached kext. In my case, this has addressed the kernel panic problem. FYI, I have attached the code changes I have made based on the 1.4.3 code base. Also, I am asking the AppleALC maintainer to use a boot argument so that it'd be easier to use it." and attached the following 2 x files: AppleALC.kext.zip AppleALC_fix.diff.txt.zip
  2. I found an AppleALC patched to prevent KP onboard-1 error in Haswell & Broadwell... I tested it and work fine, If you don't like patch the kernel.
  3. Yes of course... My HDMI work, but not have HDMI audio, only image.
  4. Ok ... I've already found what the issue was. The restart is caused by AppleALC, It is a widespread issue in Haswell. Here they give detailed information and how to fix it, for the moment. I hope the issue is solved in future AppleALC updates. Thanks a lot of for your help...
  5. No, that's the strange thing. Exits from sleep and after a few seconds it restarts. After I can log in normally.
  6. Hi again my friends I've update to Catalina and I have a little issue... When my laptop return from sleep, after wake, my laptop reboots. I can't found what is the problem, in Mojave work fine. I send my files dump... If anyone can help me please...? Thanks in advance...! debug_4676.zip
  7. Hi Hervé... Thanks for your help, but I needed to update Mojave, so I changed my graphics card for a Radeon RX 580 8GB. Now everything works correctly. You can mark this post how solved... A greeting...
  8. With automatic login I have same issue. Now, with nVidia disabled, I can see my nVidia in IORegistry. Add new files... Send me iMac.zip
  9. I can't type my password and my screen is alternate with black screen... See link video to details...
  10. Hi again my friends...!!! I can't fix properly my graphics in my new machine... I'm running High Sierra 10.13.6 because nVidia don't have web drives to Mojave. I have GTX 1050 LP graphics and when I use web drives my system is stoped in login screen. I addched a video and debug files. Any help or sugestion is apreciated. Thanks in advance. Link video Send me iMac.zip
  11. I'll try to talk to Dinesh via Skype, but I think he's still busy solving some personal problems. I don't want to bother he.
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