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  1. the dvd that he give me it´s for Mac pro Series , i think it because that.. i don´t know.. i give it today the cd´s and a 16gb usb disk to make me a install with ihack that i readed in this site. Maybe works :S
  2. thank you very much for the info , today i talk to a friend and he give me the original cd from here MAc , now i am trying to install like you say. i give you a report then. Report... -> it give me a black screen when i change cd to mac os install dvd lol :S
  3. Hello.. here i am.. asking about.. to prepare the install .. i readed that i need to have acess to a mac computer.. to make a pre instalation.. right? or im wrong? can you help me.. i don´t have acess to any mac computer.. how can i solve that? to run up the files to dell d430 =) Thanks.
  4. Rboino

    From Portugal

    Hello , im Rui , and have 27 years, from Queluz!.. And i don´t have any mac.. but... i want to put my dell d430 with OS x.. to show my friend´s that other machines run Mac Os.. ehehehe... But i have a problem! I had read the guides.. and i can´t make a bootable os x... bah! I only have Windows.. and im new to this... How can you help me? =D Thanks
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