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  1. I too encounter the same issue when upgrade from 10.15.4 to 10.15.5 or 10.15.6. The "Catalina - Data" partition does not show up at all. In the previous upgrade before 10.15.4, it always show up when upgrade. Any clue what to troubleshoot?
  2. If I use 1.4.3 compiled by him, I do not need to add in the boot argument. My computer is able to wake up from sleep without any issue. The only thing missing is HDMI audio output as what he said in his post. If I use the official 1.4.2, it freeze my computer when wake up from sleep. Adding the boot argument does not help too. Thus, I am taking his unofficial 1.4.3 (he did attach his compiled version in his post) as my temporary workaround, while waiting for the new release from the AppleAlc maintainer.
  3. I put in the boot argument -igfxnohdmi and AppleALC.kext 1.4.2, my problem re-appear. So, it is generally not equivalent. But, I am not technical enough to identify what the differences are.
  4. while waiting for the latest version of AppleALC.kext, this solve my issue:
  5. It just worked in Mojave before, so I did not change it. Anyway, I just changed the Audio injection to blank, it still does not wake up.
  6. Yes, I did try your kext. It did not wake up.
  7. Ya, this is the same version that I used. It caused the sleep/wake issue. I will use voodoohda for now, while waiting for new release of AppleAlc.
  8. If anyone know how to make AppleALC work with latest version of lilu.kext in Catalina. Please advise.
  9. at last, I found the reason of it, it was caused by AppleALC.kext. I replaced it with VoodooHDA.kext, it sleeps and wake up fine now. Thanks everyone for helping.
  10. After wake, it will hang within few seconds. I have to hard reset the laptop.
  11. tested my config as well, freeze with or without USB wifi device.
  12. Hi Jake, Your config.plist gives the following result:- Not able to sleep (with or without USB WIFI) Original config.plist, able to sleep. But, when wake up, will freeze after I entered password to unlock.
  13. Thanks for the attached file. I have tried it, unfortunately, system still freeze after sleep.
  14. ioreg.txt and latest debug file attached. debug_7110.zip test.ioreg.zip
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