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  1. Hi @Jake Lo On reboot, the Bluetooth device needs to be removed and reconnected to get it to work again. Is there something that can be fixed here?
  2. Thank you @Jake Lo.. It worked!! HDMI works flawlessly.. Cleaned up the EFI folder as you suggested. All sorted..
  3. Thanks @Jake Lo for offering help. Attaching the entire EFI folder as I am pretty sure it has lots of unwanted stuff in it. Thanks in advance for your help. EFI.zip
  4. Used the config and unfortunately, the system now goes into kernel panic mode every time I boot. I think I will give up! Thanks for all your help @Jake Lo..
  5. Attached is my config.plist file. config.plist.zip
  6. the config.plist.zip you provided? Actually, I am not sure how to use that file! Should I keep this file in the EFI partition of my MAC HDD and while booting selecting this from the clover menu? Too scared that I will screw up whatever is working so far in my hack! Can you please let me know? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi All, I am new here and after struggling for over 16 hours, I finally managed to install MAC OS 10.14.6 on my Dell E5540. A big THANK You to all the members in the forum who helped me get this far. Bluetooth, WiFi, Sound, and Display working!! I am stuck with the last piece, my HDMI port is not working. Connecting HDMI cable makes the laptop display go black and my monitor doesn't detect any signal. From this point, there is no way to recover the display and I need to do a force reboot. I would like to use a monitor in my setup as the laptop display is not that great. Can someone please help me in layman terms? Sorry for my lack of knowledge on this matter. Appreciate help on this.
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