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  1. Okay now RX-550 Sapphire is worked full QE/CI Metal. but VDA Decoder still failed. what's wrong? I can't open foto to preview. (App always not responding)
  2. just remove bootflag -v and uncheck EDID.
  3. Installer has succesfull, but RX-550 not QE-CI. :( What should I do ?
  4. Card DeviceID = 699F Okey im uncheck inject EDID and its work. Lets wait finish.
  5. OMG sorry sir. im merge a file. ok try again look the installer going fine. but blank not showing anything after done verbose. btw im using RX-550 Sapphire (Lexa Chipset). it's influence??
  6. Ok thanks sir, but im still stuck in here.
  7. Hi, im trying install Mojave 10.14 on my pc first time. Here my specs : - GA B250M DS3H - Pentium Gold G4560 (Kabylake) - DDR4 8Gb 2400mHz - SSD 120Gb Sandisk - RX 550 Sapphire - Mojave 10.14 Vanilla and first time get stuck on this attachment. What should I do ?
  8. oh thanks. sorry for wrong section. Does anyone have the EFI config for this hardware? or for Catalina? thanks for helping. My installer Mojave vanilla is ready.
  9. Hi Jake Lo. i want install hackintosh Mojave on my PC. here my specs : - GA-B250M-DS3H - Intel Pentium G4560 (Kabylake) - DDR4 2400 Elite+ - SSD Nvme Midasforce 256Gb - Radeon RX-550 Sapphire (Lexa Chipset) Guide me how to install it. thanks for help. sorry my bad english, im from indonesian.
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