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  1. LID CLOSE SLEEP IS WORKING!!! steps 0) Install in EDP under Tools KextWizard and download multifail 1) Run EDP config with the Notebook/Samsung/NP900/900x3c model. I added/changed these options: -Kexts: Voodoo v2.8.6 instead of v2.8.1 -Chameleon: Enoch v2.2 svn r2390 -Optional: VoodooSDHC and APCI Backlight (Renesas USB3.0 is already selected) Build and let it completely finish (creating kernel cache etc) Leave EDP open 2) Extract my Extra.zip and replace the one in your root folder with mine 3) Choose in EDP Custom Build, make sure dsdt and both .plists are selected and choose install selected files into system When finished, close EDP and Terminal 4) Use multifail to install Trim (under Drivers/Disk) and Laptop Hibernate (under Customize). Don't tick anything else, let it install and close it. 5) Run Kextwizard: tick Extra-Repair permissions and S/L/E-Repair permissions and Rebuild cache I didn't dare to upgrade to 10.9.4 again, I think I will let 10.9.3 be for now... This worked for me, costed me a whole night to figure out Let me know if it works for you! Marc Extra.zip
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