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  1. i applied halfvolumfix in info.plist for voodooHDA. and now audio is working great. but i still wanna know, if there is any chance that appleHDA works for my setup. thanks.
  2. I tried that patch.but no success.I have no audio.I installed appleHDA.kext and HDAenabler3
  3. hi all. i have recently installed hackintosh on my HP-Pavallion 15-p076sa laptop. the audio device doesnt work properly. there are two audio device showing in dpcimanager. 1) device id 80869c20 , sub id 103C227E, codec id 10EC0290, revision 0003, codec name- Realtek(Unknown) 2) device id 80860A0C, sub id 103C227E, codec id 8086207, revision 0000 , codec name - Intel(Unkown). please help me with this audio thing. i have voodooHDA installed . which works but very very low audio. i hope i needed appleHDA. thanks.
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