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  1. Could you provide some guide or guidance love to setup the same if possible
  2. Changed it but now it wont boot can someone that has 10.11 working please share dsdt and config.plist or best the whole efi folder including smbios like daxon was going to? guess been busy over holidays please and thanks. So close just need audio
  3. Clover configurator and pdf about audio layout was completely unclear none of these tools ever seem to have decent instructions and assume you can guess how to use them. I would rather do it myself than use pre made packs so i learn more but even pdf about this is exact topic left me as lost as before.
  4. How do i change audio layout ID to 0 in DSDT? can you look at dsdt daxon provided in download earlier in posts. Confused because he has non working voodoohda kext in 10.11 folder but explained that patched applehda should be used hope daxon can help when poss aswell
  5. Thanks but 2.8.8 as bad if not worse than pervious versions. There is a bit of info on thread about using AppleHDA that is modified can anyone please help simply explain the process and how to do it please
  6. Hi got new LCD installed fine however voodoohda audio skips and is shakey how do i use AppleHDA never used patched HDA in past? Also what do i need to do know do i used a different DSDT and enter SMBios like you suggest Daxon?
  7. Hi im waiting for a replacement LCD for my m4400 before i can try files thanks for sharing Daxon can u confirm which graphics card you have? i see mrctll has fx1700 i have 770m. In past i tried osx86 with fx1700m and had no sucess i however have helped two other people with 770m to use osx. Should have LCD this week and first thing i will do is try install using your files thanks again
  8. Please to make life really easy can someone post Clover version used, DSDT, Kext pack (Audio) and others and small guide to install 10.11?
  9. Hi i helped friend install mavericks on M4600 with NVIDIA 1000M instead of 2000M and only got black screen on any OS later than 10.9.2 (guess changes in graphics kexts read its common on 10.9.3). Could I use clover instead of chamleon to get graphics working and yosemite/ el capitan?
  10. Hi anyone had any luck getting it working on m4400. I made usb installer with universal osx installer v3 it boot fairly far but after usb renumeration timeout it hangs wating for root device using enoch r2760. I have replaced ECHI EHC1 in DSDT using MACiASL. Help please if you can thanks
  11. i used voodoohda btw i tried using applehda you shared on mavericks but could not get it to work whats the advantage? and can you advise how i can get it working?
  12. Hi i think ive put a good extra pack together for lion where and how shall i post it? to be add to site bootpacks? btw i used voodoobattery.kext for 10.7 seems to do job and bluetooth from your pack works also.
  13. i will share very soon prob tomorrow bit late now ....like your movement in bettering kext packs because yes with lion vga works but with dsdt magic perhaps we can as community provide similar vga out and or display port on mavericks? For that would be sweet
  14. Your dsdt worked with lion and so did the VGA sorted can i ask do you have vga working in mavericks? because it doesnt work in snow leo or my mavericks i think
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