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  1. Hi guys, does someone have a bootpack for installing el capitan or yosemite for a 7450 with i7 5600u, HD5500 and Nvidia 840 ? and can help me finding the right kext´s ? i got problems installing, tried some dsdt and ssdt and config.plist files from here, but with less success. im not that new to hackintosh but i wasnt able to find the right combination of bootfiles for clover to install correctly. thanks for your help! edit: i installed now el capitan with clover, following kexts are in my 10.11 folder : appleintele1000e / appleps2controller / fakesmc my Trackpad and keyboard is working fine. But my Intel 5500 is shown with 7mb. ( i got dedicated memory in bios @ 64mb) for the intel i need a patched dsdt / ssdt, is that correct? i installed also now voodoohda with kext utility and sound is working also BIG SORRY for the messed up writing style.
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