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  1. Hi EMlyDinEsH, I have an Asus G73SW-A1 and I am trying desperately to get screen brightness working. I must be the only person that got backlit keys before screen brightness LOL! I have tried other kexts with no luck and then I found your site. I've edited my DSDT even though BCMD didn't exist in my DSDT. It seemed to just be a variable hanging out so I added it. Have no idea if that is workable or not. I get the slider bar appearing in display but it does nothing. Can you take a look at my DSDT and let me know if this kext can even work with my machine? Finally, I am using an AppleACPIPlatform.kext from an install package I downloaded a while ago. I saw earlier in this thread that this can conflict with your kext. Should I replace it with a vanilla version of just delete it? Will I get a kernel panic? http://www.dbednarczyk.com/DSDT_Before_and_After.zip Thanks in Advance for any help!!
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