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  1. Hi there Firstly Snow Leopard on a 32bit Toshiba NB 100 (Netbook) Added hardware Working Wifiy 512GB SSD Samsung 2GB Ram Working Wifi Sound HDD Track Pad ( double Tap ) Used Retail 10.6.3 DVD nawcom mod-usb. how - working mac made a restore of the Retail 10.6.3 DVD Then on same USB installed NawCom ModUSB booted it did the rest - should have added the 10.6.8 combo update + intel atom kernel - through out used an external VGA Screen now needing kexts. any ideas ?
  2. thank you do we know of any chameleon / clover boot commands or settings or if i could test with an EDP ?
  3. Hi there I have an old machine here and im trying to put any version of osx onto it but I do not know which would be best its a c2d Intel Core2Duo E8400 ( 3.0GH'z ) Socket 775 LGA Chipset Q45/Q43 Ram 3GB/4GB ( I used 1 of the other sticks now and then ) I have enough space but id need to know the settings in the bios and the version of osx to use ??
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