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  1. I just kept everything the same as what was in the bootpack. All kexts are in other and there is no folder other than other.
  2. That is what I am doing. The install usb I made won't boot. It gets stuck at "Waiting for DSMOS"
  3. I deleted the efi folder completely and replaced it with the bootpack. Still have waiting for dsmos. I also tried remaking it on another usb. Still have waiting for dsmos.
  4. Ok, I mounted the drive and found that fakesmc was in the other folder
  5. Ok I tried to use both clover configurator and EFI mounter. But neither worked as seen here: Clover configurator is left and right is EFI mounter
  6. Oh, now I feel stupid. I wasn't using any of those tools. I was looking in disk utility.
  7. I can't seem to mount the efi partition for editing it. Should I reinstall it without installing it in the ESP?
  8. I am trying to boot from the USB. What I am saying is that when I want to try and edit the usb stick's efi partition so that I can change the smbios but it shows up blank on my imac when I try to edit it.
  9. I can't change the smbios because the efi partition appears empty on my imac
  10. I turned off optimum and got stuck on "waiting for dsmos..." and I am using whatever smbios that was in the bootpack on your thread.
  11. Yes I did. I have managed to get someone to download a copy of el capitan for me. I have made the usb but when I boot it I get a completely garbled screen.
  12. It tells me "Operation not supported" for this command: /Volumes/<HDD partition name>/usr/sbin/kextcache -Boot -U /Volumes/<HDD partition name>/ -K /Volumes/<HDD partition name>/System/Library/Kernels/kernel
  13. I have been plugging my hard drive in to my imac and using that to do everything (delete kexts ect). I used kext wizard on my imac to rebuild cache on the hard drive
  14. Ok well I used that bootpack and tried deleting most kexts but unfortunately I still get this
  15. It's there but it doesn't let me download it. It just tells me that it cannot be installed on this computer (which is not actually what I want to do but ok apple).
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