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  1. All i can see is unpredictable behavior. Even though some things get fixed, the system behaves weird. I have freezing on shutdown AND reboot (on the down faze of the reboot), panic on restart, but NOT always. After some use and some restarts i lost sound completely so i reverted. Then reapplied and sound was present, but the last weird thing was when i tried to check sound on headphones the system froze completely. And now i have a headache ... PS. On another post i saw you advise (for a 5580 also) changing the sound layout to 13 or 56. Mine is 11. Perhaps?
  2. I honestly can't say for sure, I can undo the changes and find out...
  3. Thanks a lot Jake Lo, A lot got fixed with the changes you made: Keyboard (incl. function keys), Touchpad (incl. buttons and nub joystick), Bluetooth, SSD Trim. LCD Brightness and Sleep are not working (doesn't sleep, the fan keeps spinning and wakes up in a few seconds), and shutdown and reboot are let's say unpredictable. Still had freezing on shutdown, and panic on reboot. This is the reboot panic screenshot. I have no idea how to fix those...
  4. Thanks Jake Lo but your bootpack panics on my laptop. Searching and reading around, i assembled this: CLOVER-Boot.zip Which at least boots and let's me install. However only graphics, wifi (dw1830), ethernet, sound (only speakers, no headphones out), and battery work. I have not: Keyboard (LOL) Bluetooth (probably because i didn't copy the kexts to lib/ext, i wanted the basics first) LCD brightness SSD trim Freezes on shutdown (haven't checked sleep yet). Other stuff i didn't bother to check yet. All the clover setup, kexts, ssdt's etc is mindboggling...
  5. Thanks Hervé, Any pointers for install configuration?
  6. Hi all, As the title says, i have a Latitude 5580 - i5-6440hq Skylake cpu with HD530 graphics, plus discrete Nvidia 940MX graphics and Thunderbolt-3. I have already swapped intel wifi with a DW1830, and have a Catalina VM installed on VMware for creating the install drive. I searched the forum but a haven't seen a similar setup (most are for the "U" cpu's with HD520 graphics). Can you point me to a suitable bootpack? Thanks... (I am wondering if Nvidia-940mx and thunderbolt can work...)
  7. Griftopia, your dsdt.aml was already in your extra pack in 1st post. What i meant was for you to list which patches you applied via macisl to the original dsdt (if you remember). Anyway thanks for this...
  8. @Griftopia I too have a M6500 with only difference in the graphics (ati firepro), and have installed up to el capitan using clover. I am trying with enoch (heard about better imessage compatibility) but i can’t boot the installer. Sticks at waiting for root device. Can you please list all the patches you applied to your dsdt, the way you created the usb and the options you installed enoch with? Thanks... PS It took ALOT of reading and experimenting to make my graphics finally work, and i gave up after another ALOT of efforts to make sleep work. Not many have this laptop, and you are the third i found trying with osx. So dont expect much help from the community. But in my case all usb ports worked (can’t say about Sierra). The ethernet kext that floats around is problematic above Yosemite (i think this is why you had corrupted downloads, i had problems too). Wifi worked fine for me with a compatible Atheros card. But it looks like we have to figure the rest ourselves.
  9. Thanks for the tips, I will try them and get back. Its frostrating i haven't been able to even reach the installer.
  10. Hey everybody, I started this as an experiment but got rather serious about it. Is there ANY hope for these specs (on ANY OSX version)? Precision M6500 with: Intel Core i7-740QM CPU 8GB DDR3 SDRAM 120 GB SSD (Windows 10 boot) + 1 TB HDD + 120 GB MSata SSD (this is to be the OSX drive) DVD+/-RW Drive ATI Firepro M7820 1 GB Broadcom 57xx Gigabit Lan Intel 5300 wifi (can change that to a supported card) Dell Wireless 365 Bluetooth Module (don't care about this) 1394 Firewire port (don't care about this) 2 x USB 3.0 ports 1 x USB 2.0 port 1 x eSata / USB 2.0 port VGA + HDMI port SD card reader (don't care about this) Integrated HD webcam Dell Touchpad Fingerprint reader (don't care about this) Best i have got so far is past the text portion of boot (-v option) and to a very bright white screen (my guess it's the installer screen). MyHack (10.9) gave me the white screen. Now trying 10.10 manual usb creation (my hopes are not high). My guess is, my graphics card is the issue. Unfortunately changing it is a deal breaker. Or should i just give up?
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