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Latitude 5580 i5-6440hq - HD530 - Nvidia 940MX help

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Hi all,

As the title says, i have a Latitude 5580 - i5-6440hq Skylake cpu with HD530 graphics, plus discrete Nvidia 940MX graphics and Thunderbolt-3.


I have already swapped intel wifi with a DW1830, and have a Catalina VM installed on VMware for creating the install drive.


I searched the forum but a haven't seen a similar setup (most are for the "U" cpu's with HD520 graphics).


Can you point me to a suitable bootpack?



(I am wondering if Nvidia-940mx and thunderbolt can work...)




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Thanks Jake Lo but your bootpack panics on my laptop.




Searching and reading around, i assembled this: CLOVER-Boot.zip

Which at least boots and let's me install.


However only graphics, wifi (dw1830), ethernet, sound (only speakers, no headphones out), and battery work.


I have not:

Keyboard (LOL)

Bluetooth (probably because i didn't copy the kexts to lib/ext, i wanted the basics first)

LCD brightness

SSD trim

Freezes on shutdown (haven't checked sleep yet).

Other stuff i didn't bother to check yet.


All the clover setup, kexts, ssdt's etc is mindboggling...

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Remove the following kext:

  • ApplePS2Controller.kext
  • AppleBacklightFixup.kext

Install the kexts found in CopyToLE to /L/E especially CodecCommander to fix the headphone

The other 3 kexts are for Bluetooth.


Add the attach *.aml to /E/C/A/Patched. 

I2C = touchpad

ALC256 = fix audio after wake


Replace Config file, made a few adjustment.


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Thanks a lot Jake Lo,


A lot got fixed with the changes you made:

Keyboard (incl. function keys), Touchpad (incl. buttons and nub joystick), Bluetooth, SSD Trim.


LCD Brightness and Sleep are not working (doesn't sleep, the fan keeps spinning and wakes up in a few seconds), and shutdown and reboot are let's say unpredictable. Still had freezing on shutdown, and panic on reboot.


This is the reboot panic screenshot.



I have no idea how to fix those...

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All i can see is unpredictable behavior. Even though some things get fixed, the system behaves weird.


I have freezing on shutdown AND reboot (on the down faze of the reboot), panic on restart, but NOT always.

After some use and some restarts i lost sound completely so i reverted.

Then reapplied and sound was present, but the last weird thing was when i tried to check sound on headphones the system froze completely.


And now i have a headache 😄...



PS. On another post i saw you advise (for a 5580 also) changing the sound layout to 13 or 56. Mine is 11.


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