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      We've migrated to an upgraded board and now have a new forum. We hope you'll like it. Whilst we took every step to ensure no loss of data and/or feature, we may have missed a few things and glitches may occur. Should you encounter a problem, please create a new thread in Feedback section of the forum, where we will endeavour to report on the follow-up until the issue is fixed. Thanks. OSXL Crew


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  1. That's the one I needed - thanks Hervé.
  2. Before the redesign, there was a detailed list of wifi cards in the first post of the INVENTORY OF SUPPORTED AND UNSUPPORTED WIRELESS CARDS thread, but at the moment, there's only one incomplete entry visible (Dell DW1501)
  3. Just curious - do you know if in earlier OS X versions, 10.10, 10.9 etc. - that cards which were unsupported at first, were supported again in later updates (10.10.2/.3 etc.) ? Am hoping yes!, since I only bought a gt 610 a month before Sierra was released!