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  1. Hello. I used EFI Folder. I got this error . and computer restarted - http://s31.postimg.org/7p1dwtwor/IMG_20160422_172301_1.jpg i googled ...and issue is OsxAptioFixDrv This file available in latest clover And i downloaded clover bootloader and also chameleon bootloader . same Results... it restarting again and again.....
  2. Hello. i used createmediainstall from os x terminal and also diskmaler x to create bootable installer. but its not booting . I installed clover bootloader also to same usb ... its created EFI Drive. Again No Boot.. Can you send me your files . i have same laptop as yours . Thank You For Reply . Sorry for Bad English
  3. Hi. Please help me to install os x el capitan on Lenovo Z51-70 Please Guide for making bootable installer and post installation Thank You
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