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  1. Hi, Jake I see display go black but keyboard stay illuminated.. I added smbios patch as well. It still has same issues.
  2. Hi Jake, Thank you very much for advise, ECDV was the cause, Catalina upgraded with same Mojave Folder.. But i have weird issue now.. every reboot i have to try 3 times to boot into system, like screen goes black after acpi message, i have to force shutdown and try 3 times to boot. i am not sure whats going on? does anyone have same issue please help. i have all my kext updated and are still in C\K\O Folder, should i move all of the kext to L\E?
  3. Thank you Jake.. can i upgrade it from appstore? or create install media and do fresh install?
  4. Hi, CPU: Intel i5 8300H 2.30Ghz GPU: Intel coffeelake UHD630 (Nvidia 1050ti) RAM: 8 Gb DDR4 Motherboard/Laptop model: Dell G3 3579 Audio Codec: Unknown Ethernet Card: Realtek Wifi/BT Card: (if available) Dell D1560 Catalina Installation Stalls at Voodooi2c or it may have been acpi issue not sure. i have successfully installed Mojave and its working perfectly fine Efi folder is attached. Please help and let me know if i an doing anything wrong . Thank you! Send me ToXicss-MacBook.zip
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