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Dell G3 15 (3579): Catalina installer hangs VoodooI2C or some ACPI issue


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CPU: Intel i5 8300H 2.30Ghz

GPU: Intel coffeelake UHD630 (Nvidia 1050ti)

RAM: 8 Gb DDR4

Motherboard/Laptop model: Dell G3 3579

Audio Codec: Unknown

Ethernet Card: Realtek

Wifi/BT Card: (if available) Dell D1560

Catalina Installation Stalls at Voodooi2c or it may have been acpi issue not sure.

i have successfully installed Mojave and its working perfectly fine

Efi folder is attached. Please help and let me know if i an doing anything wrong .

Thank you!

Screen Shot 2020-01-13 at 6.51.09 AM.png

Screen Shot 2020-01-13 at 6.51.42 AM.png

Send me ToXicss-MacBook.zip

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Hi Jake,

Thank you very much for advise, ECDV was the cause, Catalina upgraded with same Mojave Folder.. But i have weird issue now.. every reboot i have to try 3 times to boot into system, like screen goes black after acpi message, i have to force shutdown and try 3 times to boot. i am not sure whats going on? does anyone have same issue please help.

i have all my kext updated and are still in C\K\O Folder, should i move all of the kext to L\E?


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Are you sure it's just black screen. Do you see SSD activity?

Try shining a flashlight to the display, see if you see anything faintly?


Strange your system just shows "MacBook", not MacBookPro15,2 like the SMBIOS you're using.

Try enabling in the Config under kextToPatch "DellSMBIOSPatch"

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