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  1. Installed a new Dell DW1510 Mini PCI-.E card in the empty slot in my E6220 meant for WiMax. Connected the free antenna connector to J1 on the 1510. It just worked in Lion 10.7.2. Sysinfo below with some translation. Speed only half (ca 40 Mbps) as only one channel ( one antenna remember) and bad S/N ratio. But now I can keep the Intel Wifi for Windows 7 & 8 that works super with the Cisco APs at work. By the way Windows 8 Customer Preview runs fine on E6220 with few problems (had to make registry correction to get Cisco AnyConnect working) Only remaining obstacle with Lion on E6220 is audio but I understand there is a solution Anders en1: Korttyp: Kort från annan tillverkare (=Card from another vendor //Anders) MAC-adress: 38:59:f9:38:6e:46 PHY-lägen som stöds: 802.11 a/b/g/n Kanaler som stöds: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 36, 40, 44, 48, 52, 56, 60, 64, 100, 104, 108, 112, 116, 120, 124, 128, 132, 136, 140, 149, 153, 157, 161, 165 Vakna vid trådlös anslutning: Stöds (=WOL OK) AirDrop: Stöds (=OK) Aktuell nätverksinformation: PHY-läge: 802.11n (its running n to my Linksys E4200 router with Victef Tomato RAF) BSSID: 58:6d:8f:a0:26:f1 Nätverkstyp: Infrastruktur Säkerhet: WPA2 Personal Signal/brus: -80 dBm / -89 dBm Överföringshastighet: 81 (=So officially 81 Mbps) MCS-index: 4
  2. Hi I got a new Dell E6220 with i5 CPU and intel graphics from work supposed equal to Leons machine. (my old E4200 has broken inner bezel for third time in a year, really a bad construction, I glued a 5 mm board on back of screen to keep it working a few more weeks) I gave up booting with myHack (crashes waiting for boot device) and used unifail instead. And just put in the boot-Extra directory from OsxLatittude Since EDP 2.2 is missing config script for this machine please advise me on needed extensions ? Leon? Yes and I will also put in windows 7 to keep bosses happy. //Anders
  3. Hi Sorry but the graphics is a sorrow in OSX as it uses Intel 4500MHD No bells and whistles poor graphics performance snd no solution seems availible. I've tried the E4200 (see separate topic). Leon has given it up and sold his E4200. Anders
  4. Video trouble--No embeded video eg Youtube or VLC I just got hold of a extra laptop at work and started out installing osx. The E4200 is a less than 1 kg 12" display laptop that Dell produced 2008-2011. At work I've been running Windows 7 on it since early beta. Spec: 1,42 GHz Dual2Core, 3G RAM, 128G SSD, intel 4500MHD graphics, Intel 5100 wifi, Intel E1000e ethernet, Dell 5530 3G-modem (aka Ericsson f3507g) After installing SN 10.6 och EDP 1.8 with Chameleon-2.0-RC5-r1020 and done update to SN 10.6.8 most seems to be running. I had to disable wifi h/w otherwise kernel panic ensued whatever switches i booted with. Of course the known issues with graphics shows up so youtube shows no video only sound Safari look up on pages with video. I suppose i only get Frame Buffer. How to use FB output for VLC etc? (But Perian works) Anders
  5. Connecting a hard disk with Firewire 400 works fine. Anders
  6. Quick and Dirty test: D430 and D630 nice, good job. But now both models has the USB problem with keyboard pushing "77777777777" after sleep. And D430 still need the sleep solution described in the wiki including settting system password But D630 sleep works without. Maurisz: have you found a USB solution? Anders
  7. All is not well Sometimes after first sleep the pointer doesnt follow the mouse/touchpad and its like someone pushes lots of "7" on the keyboard. Strange is that it only happens in Finder. If i start some program I have no probem in its menus but if I once again selects Finder the pointer once again doesnt follow mouse fully. Pointer moves upward. I have seen this in other combinations like the one Mario (Bronxteck) put up a few days ago. I put your files incl Cham r700 on my installation stick with installation image of SN 10.6.0 (my comments 10.57 PM friday was with 10.6.6) and booted it. All ok except had to use external mouse (stick and touchpad dead). Would be useful to fix. Anders
  8. About USB no 3 and 4 Maybe this below would help you Mariusz Two extra interupt flags Found here http://byteco.de/200...-1/#comment-594 Anders In my previous post I forget to write how to get all the 4 USB port working. Thanks goes to: http://www.insanelym...howtopic=206313 Search for HPET section and change things as following: Device (HPET) { Name (_HID, EisaId (“PNP0103″)) Name (ATT3, ResourceTemplate () { IRQNoFlags () {2} IRQNoFlags () {8} IRQNoFlags () {11} IRQNoFlags () {15} Memory32Fixed (ReadWrite, 0xFED00000, // Address Base 0×00000400, // Address Length ) }) Recompile and repair permission with Kext Utility. Now your USB port are working as ever!!!!
  9. Hi Just tested your files and instructions exactly on a sister machine to the one you've got. BIOS A17 latest Question: Should i have touched /S/L/E ? (the com.apple.kext.caches dated summer.) Question: How to evaluate dsdt ? BIOS reset and AHCI set Booted without switches Not lots of worriesome rows in bdmesg, kernel and system log Saw followning problems External VGA not found but no KP or lined unusable display either Mic dead USB connector 3 and 4 dead No touchpad settings panel The rest worked fine Sound out loudspeakers and plug Firewire disk Ethernet WiFi Modem port seen in network settings Touchpad Pointer External mouse Battery and ext power symbols Sleep both powerbutton and lid closing AFP disk CPU 1,81 GHz bus 724 MHz 2 cores Graphics 1280x800 works fine CD reader Video and sound good USB memory pin KB Thanks Nice work Anders
  10. Mariusz Latest BIOS for D630 is A017 Please find enclosed zipped dmg with freedos and the D630_A17.exe file for upgrading Put it on a 1GB USB stick and lets hope the boot sector works Otherwise theres allways unetbootin Anders D630-biosupgrade-on-FreeDOS-1GB-USB.dmg.zip
  11. To permit installing edp on USB pins heres a patch for rebuild.sh found in Extra/bin. With this change you can give argument for example su - password: sh bin/rebuild.sh /Volumes/Mac OS X Install DVD/Extra #!/bin/sh # check that the one argument is a Extra directory if [[ $# -eq 1 && -d ${1} && ${1:0-5} == "Extra" ]]; then WORKPATH=${1} ; else WORKPATH='/Extra' ; fi # check that you are root eg owner of the directory if [[ ! -O $WORKPATH ]]; then echo 'WARNING You dont own this directory, you should be root'; fi echo "Selected directory is $WORKPATH" ; # In the script rebuild.sh exchange all /Extra to ${WORKPATH} for exemple with # cat rebuild.sh | sed 's/\/Extra/${WORKPATH}/g' > NEWrebuild.sh # then paste this script after the clear statement in NEWrebuild.sh
  12. Hi and thanks Tried it but touchpad and keyboard goes crazy while external mouse ok. So i reverted. Havent got time to make a detailed fault finding, starting up the spring for my scout departments so lot of planning to do. Anders
  13. No graphics seems fine but remember i used slics set of intel files initially Dell D620/630/830 INTEL.mpkg It contained cameleon rc3 and intel.pkg. The intel.pkg holds no kext but lots of textfiles
  14. Upgraded from Slics kext set to EDP 1.5RC5. USB works but lost touchpad.
  15. I now have D630 up and running Installed with the disk in USB enclosure connected to an iMac according to mialemat diskussed here Updated to 10.6.6 and Chameleon r687 Deleted mialemat com.apple.Boot.plist edit. Ill behaved touchpad fixed with VoodooPS2Controller.kext Next problem to solve is dead USB and Sleep and 64-bit Anders
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