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  1. I bought a GA-z87-hd3, which has dual bios. and want to update one of the 2 bios to a mac-bios(EFI or other?) Is this feasible?
  2. You still use VoodooHDA288? Your 3020 use audio chip 280/3220 like my 7020. Do you tried to install Xcode7 or other software? After this, the audio still works? It is strange audio on my 7020 will stop working after some softwares was installed when using VoodooHDA288. These sofewares include Xcode7, VMWareFusion7, MS Office 2011. After I changed to patched 280 AppleHDA (see my thread about 7020), only front panel works, internal speaker and back panel do not work.
  3. tks! but it works only on front panel. the internal speaker and back panel still keep silence.
  4. tks, you mean copy the AppleHDA_ALC280.kext.zip to S/L/E as name AppleHDA, and then insert your code to config.plist and reboot? I will try it.
  5. It is a ALC3220, as figure, And I used VoodooHDA288 suggested by @ioncatana in his 3020. But, there is a bug, maybe: As I say before, the when XCODE7 installs, an error maybe appears and blocks AppleHDADisabler.kext forever. Today, this happens again. I installed VoodooHDA288, the audio works normally, reboots also ok. but after I installed XCODE7 and reboot, the audio disappears, forever. Even these is NO error appears. After this, I install XCODE7 and build a game project before VoodooHDA, Until now, the audio works normally after several reboots.
  6. I opened my 7020 and checked the Audio chip, it is a alc3220, not 1150. but it is still strange that voodoohda+1150 driver runs it normally.
  7. I find the procedure but can not explain it. I tried again. If only install VoodooHDA285 or only install alc1150, after boot, the audio does not work. When installed VoodooHDA285 and alc1150 both, reboot (for many times also), the audio works well. After this, When I install Xcode7, there is a warning. it says the AppleHDADisabler.kext has an error and cannot be used anymore. After this, the audio will never work whatever I do. still confusing ...
  8. Confused! yesterday, after I installed OSX, it has no audio device. So I tried VoodooHDA2.8.5 first. after failed, I installed ALC1150, added fixHDA in config.plist and then reboot. The result is shown as 2.jpg the audio device works well and I pasted last reply. Today, I removed legacy boot from BIOS, this leads to many reboots because the display show nothing during boot procedure. After the 7020 comes back, I found the ALC1150 dose not work anymore. After refresh cache, repair authority(with kext utility and kext wizard) and reboot many many times, it never works. I r
  9. Install finished, devices in my optiplex 7020: audio: ALC1150 video: ATI 7850/1GB work well. Thanks a lot to every one. I will paste my EFI tomorrow.
  10. Now I am seeing the install interface! I am sure that 1. ES cpu prevents the install. 2. In optiplex 7020' bios (A07), someone option in "Preference" prevents the Install beside the common ones, such as VT-D and secure boot. And the Inject-ATI option in config.plist is my last step.
  11. huge improvement! I tried to install a i5-4590 in my PC. And when the configure can install OSX in the 3020 I mentioned used, which also has i5-4590 cpu but H81 chipset and different video card. After a serial BIOS changes, the result is like the pasted picture. In the normal boot procedure, after this the APPLE icon should appear and install progress starts. but on my 7020, after this screen, the computer stop working. I also noticed that on the 3020, there are 2 more line about HDAxxxxxx (too fast to take pictures) What should I do next?
  12. tks, I'll try. my display has only VGA connector so I cannot use it on integrated graphic, now I used a D-DVI to VGA converter from 7850 to display. Does it matter? I heard OSX does not support VGA display.
  13. I changed the CPU parameters to next to help clover recognize my CPU: BusSpeedkHz:99768 FrequencyMHz:2600 Latency:0xfa QPI:0 Type:0x0201 And faked CPUID as 0x0306C2 according to HWinfo, 0x0306c0 was also tried. Still does not work.
  14. phew, failed again. The zipped EFI is uploaded as efi.zip. Th jpgs.zip is my BIOS setup and I turned off the Secure Boot option. efi.zip jpgs.zip
  15. tks adv. I also think the ES cpu and chipset are my real issue now because the 3020 is not modified (I5-4590 cpu) and has H81 chipset. I will try it again tomorrow morning because I am home now. The zipped EFI will be uploaded after that if It still does not work.
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