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  1. My system has been getting finicky; freezes during startup (fsck) and shutdown sometimes... nothing to do but hard shutdown and try again, which has always worked. (So far.) But after running disk utilitiy, the verify permissions came back with a ton of errors. Should I repair them all or will this mess up my install? Just being prudent, and I'm new at this so be kind. Thanks for your input, too.
  2. Hello nice people, Well, that went well. I've been trying to install OSX on my Dell Vostro 1510 for about two weeks now, and failing. But I went from knowing nothing to failing to install any version of OSX nearly a dozen times, and realizing that I was -- if nothing else -- failing faster. Well, I seem to have skipped the part about my Vostro NOT being a Core2Duo, and instead having a Celeron processor. Lost cause, I give up on that thing. So, I dug out the old Latitude D620 (literally in a closet with a suitcase of my wife's clothes on top of it), found your site, and installed Lion today. In one day. Despite the dire need of a new keyboard for the Latitude. (None of the number keys work, and only some of the top row of letters.) Upgrading the RAM and HD would be a good idea too. But it works, it looks AWESOME having OSX on that thing, I thank you all for my new toy.
  3. I've got two hackintosh projects going on, a Dell Vostro 1510 and a Latitude D620. I've been trying to get the Vostro to work for a couple weeks but I'm new to hackintoshing and not a coder so it's all googling the forums and youtube for bits of advice here and there. Not a lot of fun. I've tried unifail, MyHack, and iFail L2 but keep getting stuck halfway through the verbose boot sequence -- screen goes black and shuts down. I'm here because a guy named acdxz had a useful-looking guide for a 1500 and some kext files on a thread but the links are all shot so I'm kind of stuck there. Anyway, if anyone has some links to reading material, or experience with either of these models (the latitude needs a new keyboard and it's in the mail, so I'm just working on the vostro right now) I'd appreciate it. I've read the guide (http://myhack.sojugarden.com/guide/) and it's not doing it for me, so I'll keep searching. Cheers!
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