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  1. Thank you so much, Jake! I’ve got a perfect hackintosh now.
  2. Thank you very much, guys! Loaded that kext and HDD from DVD bay showed up now. Not a big deal but just a minor thing now. I have the MacSSD connected and booted from the dock's eSata, 2nd data drive from the DVD bay and Win10 from the main slot. Now MacSSD and data drive showed up as external and rejectable. Once again, thanks to @Jake Lo & @Hervé !!!
  3. The SSDT-PNLF.aml has always been there. I got it to work now after installing AppleBacklightFixup.kext in LE. Thank you very much, @Jake Lo and @Hervé !!! Do you have any idea why MacOS can not access the 2nd HDD connecting to the DVD Caddy sata port while Windows10 reads it perfectly fine? But then if booting MacOS from that same sata port connecting to the same caddy then it works fine.
  4. Hi @Jake Lo, The DSDT, you patched, fixed the problem of booting to black screen. I've just noticed that now I don't have brightness control in sys pref. Could you show me what's missing in my Clover? I have everything from @Hervé's Clover pack.
  5. @Jake Lo Would you please help me with patching my DSDT Bios-A21 since you did before with Bios-A11!!!
  6. Thank you Hervé! Here they are E6330_DSDT.zip
  7. I generated my own SSDT. I had the black screen problem before when It ran Sierra. Jake Lo then helped me patching my own DSDT and it was fixed. This time, I am running your DSDT and the black screen problem returns. I still have my patched DSDT but it was from the A11 Bios. Now I have the newest A21. Could you help patch my DSDT, please! All new ACPI\origin files are in the Clover.zip I attached in the previous post. Thanks!
  8. I have a E6330 with iGPU i7-3540M LowRes. Replaced the stock wifi & bluetooth with Dell DW1550 Wifi/Bluetooth combo card. The laptop mounted on a Dell dock, connected to a external LCD via DP. Windows 10 SSD in the main sata slot, 2nd DATA HDD in the DVD caddy, and the MacOS SSD running from the eSATA from the dock. The laptop was updated from Sierra to Mojave 10.14.6. Everything seemed to work ok except: MacOS can't seem to access the DATA HDD from DVD caddy slot. I get the warning, "The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer", with 3 options, Initialize, Ignore and Reject. Initialize in Disk Utility did not work either. This same HDD worked fine if connected thru USB or eSata. I tried different HDD but got the same error. Windows 10 has no problem with this interface. If I have the MacOS SSD in this interface and boot from it then it works fine. I updated the Bios from A11 to the latest A21. I followed Herve's guide on his E6230 with his E6230_Mojave_pack. It still has same problem accessing the HDD from the DVD sata interface. Another problem I now have is, it boots to a black screen and goes to sleep mode with the power button light blinking. Hitting the power button gets it back from sleep and it seems ok. I think using Herve laptop's DSDT causing this black screen problem. I have attached here my CLOVER folder and ioreg file. Could someone take a look to see if I had something wrong? Could you patch my DSDT to see if it solve the problem, please! Thanks! CLOVER.zip Jeff’s MacBook Pro.ioreg.zip
  9. Jake Lo, you're the man! Thank you very much, really appreciated it!
  10. I am attaching here my Clover folder with new run F4 ACPI origin folder. CLOVER.zip
  11. Could you please help me with this problem! System: E6330 i7 low res Intel only iGPU with A11 firmware I have had Sierra running fine over a year on it with Dell DW1510 wifi card and the Dell BT daughter card. Last week, I removed old wifi + BT cards and upgraded to the Dell DW1550 wifi/BT combo card. I installed all the needed kexts and patches. Every works great but just one problem I can't fix. The laptop boots up to Apple logo and half way thru right after the usual screen glitch, LCD turns off, hitting any keys would not turn it on. It goes to sleep mode after few seconds with the power button light blinking. Then I can press the power button to wake it up and the screen comes back to be able to login. Can't seem to find any solution, so I followed the guide here to update to High Sierra successfully. But it still boots to black screen and I have to wait until it goes to sleep then press the power button to wake it up and login. Thanks!
  12. Jake Lo, I generated the new SSDT for this CPU and also created the new ssdt-usb. This one has a different usb port number for eSata/usb combo port than my other E6330. Everything seems to work now. The touchpad is still a little unresponsive at times. This touchpad works fine with Windows 10. On the other hand, the other E6330's touchpad works perfectly fine in Sierra but is unusable in Windows 10. Thank you very much!
  13. Jake Lo, this is a different E6330, the one you patched for me before was an i5 vPro CPU and that one works perfect. This is an i7 CPU. Thanks!
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