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Found 1 result

  1. E6520 with NVS 4200M disabled and HD3000 (Optimus Enabled) working on Mavericks (10.9) including sleep. Here is a list of what's working: - shutdown and restart using dsdt.aml - video Opetimus enabled (disable NVS4200) to get the sleep working - used Mbeast for - patched AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement - ethernet using hnak's AppleIntelE1000e v2.5.4d -> v2.4.14 - sound using VoodooHDA v2.8.4 -> fixed AppleHDA - hardware monitoring using fakeSMC v5.3.820 and plugin - 3rd Party SATA - TRIM enabler 10.9.0 - battery using VoodooBattery -> ACPIBatteryManager - touchpad using VoodooPS2Controller by RhabmanMerg - turboboost to 3.2Ghz using ssdt.aml generated from RevoGirl's blog - replaced wifi card, so the out-of-the-box AirPort works - SDHC card working with VoodooSDHC - provided by heemsker below; then disabled it to get sleep working All the relevant files are attached. The way I was able to install Mavericks was using MBeast. MBeast and having another partition with somewhat working Mountain Lion (10.8). I created an installation partition using MBeast and ran MBeast against the partition in order to boot and install Mavericks. Once Mavericks was installed, I had to boot from ML partition and run MBeast and put the dsdt.aml. Then, I installed the other extensions one by one. I was also able to follow the link below to install Mavericks using myHack. Changed couple of kext to latest: - patched AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement - ethernet using hnak's AppleIntelE1000e v2.5.4d -> v2.4.14 - hardware monitoring using fakeSMC v5.3.820 and plugin - TRIM enabler 10.9.0 - VoodooPSController for Trackpad allows multi finger action Change Log: 03-13-14: 10.9.2 update and sound working again (attached EE myHack Mavericks 10.9.2 03-13-14) - AppleHDA provided by Jake Lo - Removed npci=0x2000 kernel flag and kexts (AppleACPIP2Nub and GenericUSBXHCI) suggested by El Capitan - Was not able to boot if AppleACPIPlatform kext is removed. Keep it for now. - Still using Chameleon r2266. r2377 will precent booting with a Memory Allocation error. chimera (chameleon, stolen and rebranded) v2.2.1 will boot, but no sound. 01-12-14: - Sleep working now following the instruction here https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/5943-dell-latitude-e6520-with-optimus-enabled-mavericks/&do=findComment&comment=32152. - Sound working with Jake's AppleHDA; removed VoodooHDA - Trying ACPBatterManager; removed VoodooBattery - Not sure about AppleKextExclude provided by Jake. Trying it out Attached revised myHack files. 11-24-13: Updated EE and SLE download to include VoodooSDHC to get the smart card working. 11-24-13: Updated myHack Extra to use VoodooBattery allowing overclock to 3.2Ghz. AppleStartBatterManager and DisableTurboBoostBattery combination previously included for some reason disabled turbo boost using SSDT. 11-14-13 original post Credits: - OSX Crew - Disable NVS4200M and using H3000 (Optimus enabled) - E6520 on Mountain Lion by lgashu https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/1689-dell-latitude-e6520-mountain-lion/ - collection of 10.9 kext from iFail - ssdt generation - RevoGirl's blog - touchpad - RhabmanMerg - SDHC - heemsker - others that I missed EE and SLE for E6520 on Mavericks.zip EE myHack for E6520 on Mavericks.zip EE myHack for E6520 on Mavericks 11-24-13.zip EE and SLE for E6520 on Mavericks 11-24-13.zip Extra myHack for E6520 on Mavericks 01-12-14.zip EE myHack for E6520 on Mavericks 10.9.2 03-13-14.zip
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