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Found 2 results

  1. BIOS To get into the BIOS, press F2 at the Asus logo screen. Make sure you make the necessary edits. I have attached pictures with the necessary changes. This is found under "SATA Configuration". Make sure you set the "SATA Mode" to "AHC"I. This is found under "Graphics Configuration". Make sure that you set "DVMT Pre-Allocated" to "64M". This is found under "USB Configuration". "Legacy USB Support" should be enabled and "XHCI Pre-Boot" should be "Disable" (You have to do this to Newer models of the UX32VD have a "Launch CSM" and "Secure Boot" option. If you have one of these newer models, you will need to disable "Secure Boot" (it is found under "Boot" tab). You will then need to enable "Launch CSM" (under the "Advanced" tab). USB Installer To make the USB Installer you will need: Access to OS X MyHack 8GB USB Mountain Lion or Lion from the Mac App Store First, you will need to make the USB installer. You will be using MyHack, there are very clear concise instructions here. I also have attached pictures to make things easier for you. Open up Disk Utility and let's partition it so that it can be use MyHack. Note: *YOU WILL LOSE ALL DATA WHEN YOU PARTITION!* Apply the settings like so: Next let's open up MyHack, when it launches you will be asked for the root password. Type in the root password and a dialog similar to this will appear: Choose "Create OSX Installer", then click OK. Then you will be asked to choose which version of OSX you want to use, choose: 10.9 for Mavericks 10.8 for Mountain Lion 10.7 for Lion 10.6 does not support Ivy Bridge (DO NOT USE SNOW LEOPARD) Then you will be asked to choose where to create the installer. MyHack automatically lists all legible drives, just choose your USB from earlier. Next, it will ask you to choose the InstallESD.dmg or "Install OSX xxxx.app" Click on "Scan My System", and MyHack will automatically list all the possible files. Just choose the InstallESD.dmg found in "Install OSX xxx.app/Contents/SharedSupport/". You are all set for the time being. In couple of minutes, MyHack will ask you to confirm that you want to create the installer on the USB. Click on "Ok" and just wait for MyHack to be finished. Once MyHack has created the USB, download the DSDT I have attached and move it to /Extra/ on the USB. This will enable you launch the USB with no problems. Installation Plug in your USB installer into your UX32VD. Press ESC at the Asus logo screen. Choose the modded USB. Note: Once bootloader loads up (you'll see an image of an apple on a USB), select your USB (use your arrow keys) then type "-x" then press enter. Post-Installation This guide is a work a progress. Extra.zip
  2. I have a very strange problem, my system freeze randomly. I have an asus ux31a and use the @darkera13 files UX31A.zip (this file have dsdt/ssdt kext and clover), but in my system not work well... Bios version 219 (with pmpatch) Full HD screen i7-3517u HD 4000 I try with other kext and other bootloader (chameleon and clover), but have he same result. I have only this problem on mavericks, on mountain lion not have this screen issue. Someone can help me?, please.
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