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D830 install


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I am trying to get osx working on my d830


specs d830

nvidia with 1920x1200 screen.


what i have tryed.

installing the torrent on my system.

this works but no network wirreles and with a wire.

installed chameleon from the edp package 1.9.2 with the edp.commandline tool.

connected offical apple usb to network device. got network working

updated mac os with the offical update option from the left top corner.


but the problem is when ever i reboot. It woont boot from harddisk.

i see the boot screen. I tryed -x -v

sometimes i get a problem with "tlb invalidation timeout ip"

some times i get a problem with "Cpu 1 has no hpet assigned to it"


Can somebody help me? should i use diffrent kext or different order of thing.

I am an experienced linux user.

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Do you know witch kext i should use for my d830?

It is a d830 with an nvidia quadro 140 and a 1920x1200 screen.


Furter more i think it is a default version. But i could look into that.


The testing is gona take some time. Cause i cannot run the edp tool from the rescue mode.

And that is the only thing that works.

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It works! it was that easy(when i finaly did things in the right order)


oke to sum up what i did:


* Download torrent

* make usb disk with the linux command bzcat (as shown in wiki)

* boot from usb disk

* open via the menu the disk utility tool.

* click on the disk u want to install to.

* click partition

* select at volume scheme: 1 partition

* select at options the partion type GUID.

* click apply

* when finished close disk tool and continu install

* reboot and boot via the usb disk.

* chose the laptop disk to boot from.

* when the registration process is done.

* install the the edp 1.9.2 pkg. from usb disk by double clicking it

* Open terminal (finder type term)

* cd /Extra [ENTER]

* ./edptool.command [ENTER]

* chose install tools

* chose chameleon

* install chameleon (if it crashes just try again)

* then folow the http://www.osxlatitude.com/edp-do-a-new-build/ manual and chose the flowing options.


11 model=d803

1 appel ps2 controller

y Use nullcpupowermanagement

Y sleep

2 vodoo battery

y Emulated speedstep.

* chose yes to commit.


This is the tricky part. I did not have a working network adapter in my latop afther this. But you need to update your mac system.

The thing i did was buy a offical usb to network adapter from apple 30 euros.


* update the macos via the top left apple sing and install the updates.


* afther this reboot.


And you have a working and booting snow leapard.


What works.

* Boot

* graphics (1920x1200)

* Sound

* touchpad keyboard.


What doesnt work

* wifi (intel network card)

* internal network card. (I think it is a broadcom)

* sleep mode.

* with a reboot a need to reinsert the usb to network adapter to make it work.



Now i am probably gona try to install lion...... Wish me luck






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Oke booting is also fixed by installing via the edptool.command.


2 fixes

and then the hiberination fix

2 hibernation fix


now i can shutdown the system en reboot whitout having to push the power for 5 seconds.


sleep stil does not work

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I already installed Lion folowing the wiki. And this work compleetly sleep and everything.

Even the internal network adapter functions a little bit. Have to look into that.


With leopard the computer hangs while going to sleep.

The power light stays on. and the screen goes black.

But the blinking of the power light never starts.



But thanks a lot for the quick help. I am gona focus on lion now.

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