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Problem with native NVRAM - High Sierra - Dell Inspiron I14 5458


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Guys, I'm having problems with native NVRAM on my notebook

I installed the macOS El Capitan and the macOS Sierra, I did not have any problems with NVRAM, but in macOS High Sierra, I'm having problems that I did not have in other versions, one of them (and the only one that needs to be solved) is in relation to NVRAM ...
I created my pendrive through Terminal, installed Clover and started the installation, right at the beginning, I select the system language, in my case it would be Portuguese (Brazil), format my HDD and start the system installation normally, the system restarts and I put it to boot into the HDD, it continues the installation, however, the system language changes to English, and it installs the system as English
the macOS High Sierra is the only one that I had this problem related to NVRAM, both in the installation and in the system already installed
On my Clover, I added "EmuVariableUefi-64.efi" to the already installed system, and I selected the RC scripts option, but it also did not work
Does anyone know how I can fix this?
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