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what flags should i use to get a 410 to boot to the installer?

i've tried leppy's disc; i've tied your boot disc, i've tried iFail S3; i'm abit fustrated.

should i just give up trying to boot snow leopard and stick to booting leopard (which hasn't been any more successful)?

thanx for any replies in advance.

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I've got Leopard working great on my D410, pretty snappy with 2GB of RAM and a 5400 rpm HDD. I installed using the Leppy method and the iFail 10.5.7 DVD. I had to experiment a bit with the kexts to install but in the end it works great. Here's what I did:


I couldn't get the iPC Universal Final iso to boot (burned iso in Disk Utility on iMac Intel with 10.5.8), so I used iFail 1.5.1 10.5.7. No problems

burning the iFail iso and it booted up fine from external optical drive.


The D410 has Intel GMA900 graphics, a 1.6Ghz Pentium M processor, Dell 1390 (Broadcom chip) wifi card, 2GB of DDR2 PC533 667 RAM, IDE 2.5" hard disk, no built in DVD.


The install options I chose in the end work great. Graphics are fast and fluid, sound is perfect, trackpad and all keyboard buttons work properly. I have a Trackpad window in System Preferences and everything can be set and works fine: except 2-fingered scrolling - the option is there, but I haven't got it working. There is also a VoodooPS2 pref pane, which offers the same (and more) options.


Anyway, my customized install was:


Video: GMA900

Wireless: Broadcom

Processor: ICHx Fixed (Note: this was the key to a faster system - other people had had success with Apple Generic PCATA, but this made my system as slow as molasses)

Audio: Generic AC97

Kernel: 9.5.0

Voodoo Extras/Fixes: Seatbelt Voodoo Battery Manager Voodoo PS2 Trackpad


I did an unattended install. Started the install, went out for about 45 minutes, and when I came back the computer had rebooted into the Leopard configuration screen. Currently working just great. Everything just works. I will be trying the battery out today or tomorrow - it's listed in System Profiler with correct specs and full charge capacity. As mentioned, the keyboard buttons work: volume, brightness, end/home, etc.; obviously these are the Dell keyboard buttons. I'm used to using a PC keyboard on my Intel iMac so I don't have any problems using the Windows modifier keys for the Mac ones. Sleep seems to work okay, and waking the Dell from sleep is the same as under Windows XP, i.e., pressing the Power button.

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