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Small Suggestion


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Hi guys,


Awesome website! I'm writing from my (almost) perfect 10.6.8 D430!

I've just got a small suggestion for your page about rebranding the Broadcom Wifi card as a native Airport one;


I've found that Ubuntu 9.10 (as suggested on the page) can't download the required software, possibly because it's no longer supported.

I tried the newer releases (11.04 and 11.10) and could download the software but there seems to be problems with drivers for these versions of Ubuntu, so it didn't work.


Finally, I tried 10.10 and everything worked perfectly!


Cheers again,

Richard (one very happy Latitude owner ;))

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cool, short questions.. was there any diffrences on the commands used under 10.10 than on the onces documented on the wiki ?


Hi Leon,


I followed your instructions exactly and everything went well. I was going to suggest that it might be helpful to add a line or two from the first source link, but the page seems to have gone down since yesterday!


Cheers again, Richard

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ok, i'v updated the wiki..


Thanx for letting us know :)


Hi (again!)


I see that you've changed the version number in the line '2. A usb pen with Ubuntu live 10.10' but not in the line '2. In the distribution dropdown select “Ubuntu†and in version select “9.10_live"''



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