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Patching Info.plist patch with Clover


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I'm using Smart TouchPad kext and personally do not like finer control and want to set FinerFnBrightnessControl and FinerFnVolumeControl to False/No by default. I have got this working by editing the kext directly, but ideally I would like to make a clover hotpatch to change the value. This means that in the future when I update the kext, I won't have to re-edit it every time.

	<string>FinerFNxControl no</string>

This is what I have so far, but it doesn't seem to work.

Essentially it should change "ol> <true\>" to "ol> <no\>  " - with the two spaces at the end to keep the string the same lenth. InfoPlistPatch is set to true, so if I'm not mistaken this should patch the data in the plist correctly.


Any suggestions?

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