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Can't sign in to FaceTime or iMessage

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I have very strange problem.


I can't sign in to FaceTime or iMessage with my AppleID. I asked my son to try to log in with his AppleID and we got same message that I need to call support.




I was sure that I need to change something in my config.plist, since I read some articles and saw some tutorials on YouTube related to that problem.  


Few minutes ago I asked my friend to try to sign in with his AppleID and FaceTime started without any problem.


Any ideas what should I do?



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And I would totally agree with you if this was question from someone else.


Biggest mystery is why I can use iMessage with same AppleID on my iPhone without any problem and why I can't log in to iMessage or FaceTime from macOS, but I can log in to iCloud and AppStore on same system without any problem.  :-o


Only difference between my account and my friends account is that I have US ID without any CC info and he have Croatian ID (also without CC info).


Is it possible that CC info is absolutely required for US ID in order to use iMessage on macOS? 

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I created completely new set of serials (OS, MLB, ROM and SmUUID) and reinstalled everything from scratch, but I didn't try to use my account.
I asked my friend who have AppleID that was created in 2013 to sign in to iCloud, iMessage and FaceTime on this new installation. Everything worked like a charm in first attempt. He was able to send and receive messages and he called me on my iPhone over FaceTime without any problem.

He logged off and then I tried to use my account. I instantly got a message to call support. It was same with my son's account. My sons account was mad in 2016 and mine is from 2017. Our accounts work on iPhone and real Macs, but not on any hack.

So, people with new accounts probably can try to call support, but there is no guaranty that it would actually help, since I talked with some people with same problem on some other forum. Some of them actually called support, but they still can't log in.

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